My Blogfriend/Bestfriend: Meet Erica of Coming Up Roses

Meet My Blogfriend

I think it’s time to announce our blogfriendship/bestfriendship to the world, so today I’m doing a little Q&A with my real life and blog-life best friend Erica of Coming Up Roses!

I officially met Erica freshman year, after this period of time where I thought she didn’t like me and she thought I didn’t like her so I avoided her and she kept trying to talk to me…awkward start right? But basically since then we’ve been best friends. We started our blogs around the same time, and have progressed as bloggers together, finding plenty of time for tea, nail-painting sessions, and Pinterest along the way. It would appear that this week is the week of introductions, so meet Erica!

Why did you start blogging?

I actually wanted to (and still want to, someday…) write a book. My dream was to have this “best friend” feel, where I could provide insight and advice in a relatable way while still giving a good laugh or provoking thought on a deeper level. Blogging was a perfect stepping stone, though, since now I can talk about whatever I want, whenever. AND I can add pretty pictures and network with some pretty amazing ladies along the way. What could be better?

What is your blog about?

When other people ask me this question, my answer goes a little something like this: Coming Up Roses is an inspiration blog about blossoming happiness in life and love, with a full dosage of fashion and beauty to boot. It’s all from the perspective of a blossoming city woman at Tory Burch and John Legend’s alma mater. She’s probably had a cup o’ green tea and changed her hairstyle twice today already, and she’s excited to meet you.

Basically, life, love, and the pursuit of fashionably en pointe happiness.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

 Most definitely when readers start commenting out the wazoo on one post or another. I love the idea of sparking conversation, and if someone feels so inclined to say something in response to me, it’s the greatest feeling. Coming Up Roses is supposed to be just as much about you as it is about me, so that reciprocity is appreciated majorly (and will be rewarded with giveaways and fun promos on sponsorship opps in the future…).

What is your favorite post you’ve written to date?

 My reaction (read: rebuttal) to a post entitled “Why we Cheat: Why Happily Married People have Affairs.” That one was a doozy. But I mean, really people?

Add your thoughts here.

What is your favorite Starbucks drink? (If you’re going to answer questions on Taylor’s blog, this is a must)

TaySwiz – also known as TayTay, Titi Yates, and Blonde Mama – introduced me to Tazo Passion Tea, which I classily requested as “that hot pink iced tea that’s so popular” That stuff is fantastic. My other classic order is a tall iced skinny caramel macchiato. I swear it makes grey skies blue.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

In the past, I probably would’ve said some celebrity. But life’s so short the way it is…why waste any time being anyone but yourself? I don’t even know me 100% yet! So, yes, I would just be myself. Exciting, isn’t it?

If you could describe your blogfriendship/bestfriendship with Taylor in three words, what would they be?

Best friends first, blog friends second. That’s six words, I know, but math was never my strongest suit. Otherwise, I feel like these three GIFS better sum it up:





Get 50% off any ad space on Coming Up Roses using the promo code BFF50. Why? Because Taylor is basically my other half. Get it? Get it????

Now go get yours.


Obviously this girl is amazing and I couldn’t live without her. Do you have a blogbestfriend? Are you friends in “real life?” Tell me about it!


Xoxo, Taylor


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