Your V-Day “Aww” From the Interwebs

It’s Valentine’s Day! Today I want to share with you some of my favorite “aww” from across the internet.

Oh, Sweet Lorraine

I cried just watching the video for ten seconds to make sure it was the right one. Get ready for the tears. Fred Stobaugh is a 96-year-old man who wrote the song “Oh, Sweet Lorraine” about his wife of 73 years who had recently passed. He entered the song into a singer-songwriter contest in Illinois and ended up getting it produced.

If you want the full news story, find it here.

Brad and Emily Get Engaged

You think YOU have high standards for your engagement? You’ll have higher ones after seeing this gem. Every time you think he can’t do anything cuter, he does. Such a beautiful proposal.

You – A Declaration of Love

I found this video recently and thought it was absolutely adorable. It’s beautifully done and captures the imperfection of love.

The Script – I’m Yours

This song brings me to tears when I hear it. It’s so raw.

What Kids Think about Love

I think this has been going around for a long time, but it never gets old to me. It seems that while we think children know less than us, they are able to sum up love in a perfect way that we couldn’t.

Check out the link here.

The “I Love You” Scene from “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”

Say what you want about Tyler Perry, this is one of my favorite movies. I cry at the end every single time without fail. This is one of the best scenes of the movie, in my opinion.

If you’re looking for some reading, check out my posts on love here.

Whether you’re kickin’ it solo or with a SO, I hope you have a wonderful Friday! If you’re not into Valentine’s Day, don’t let it stop you from having a great day and spending time with people you enjoy. I’ll probably be watching sappy movies and painting my nails. Oh, and ice cream may or may not be involved.



The Meaninglessness of Dates

“I don’t wait for the calendar to figure out when I should live life.” – Gene Simmons

Dates have always been meaningless in my family.

Dad’s job has never been a typical 9 to 5, taking him out of town for a week or two at a time. The shifts are usually inflexible, which means that Dad has been at work for lots of birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries, and Thanksgivings.

A couple of times he’s been able to surprise us by getting a few days off and driving home in the middle of the night to make a holiday. This has led to humorous incidents, like the time Dad drove home Christmas Eve. Sister and I came running into Mom and Dad’s room to wake them up Christmas Day so we could open presents from Santa, and I was confused to see both Mom and Dad there. My first instinct was to say, “Dad, is that you?” which led Dad, equally confused, to ask “Well, who else would it be?” Needless to say, Mom wasn’t super impressed by my question. We all still laugh over it.

Most of the time, however, Dad’s gone for at least some of the holidays, and so we move around holidays to accommodate his schedule. Thanksgiving with Dad has rarely been on Thanksgiving, and we often end up having two Christmases, one with Dad and one with other family. This is how I’ve grown up, and it’s never bothered me one bit. Holidays have always been viewed as a time for being together and enjoying each other’s company, more so now that I’m studying away from home.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’ve been thinking about my family’s view toward holidays. Growing up in a family where holidays are less about a date and more about being together has led me to think of holidays as important occasions that are given a date merely for the sake of making sure we don’t forget about them. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth as well as the gifts we have been given throughout the year, including each other. While traditionally celebrated on the 25th, the calendar need not dictate when we can celebrate these things. I can be thankful for the birth of Jesus any time of the year.

I’m thankful for having grown up in a family where holidays have taken on such a meaning. It’s allowed me to view them as more important and meaningful than certain rituals you do on a certain day. The calendar is arbitrary but the meanings of holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are important and valuable, and changing the date doesn’t discredit the time you get to spend with the people you love.

As we head into Valentine’s Day, I’ve seen how my view of holidays has impacted my view of this one. I won’t be celebrating with the person of my choice, so this is yet another holiday I’ll be moving until another time (the beginning of March, to be exact). I’ll be moving my anniversary up a couple of weeks too, and this isn’t the first time we’ve done some shifting of these holidays. But at the end of the day, it’s not the date that matters. What matters is how you choose to celebrate the meaningful things in life and who you choose to celebrate them with.

“Pencilgate”: My Funny Valentine

It was second grade. This was back in the days where my hair was down to my waist, my bangs were much too short, and my fashion statement of choice was a good pair of multicolored stretch pants. School was a source of enjoyment for me. I loved the orderliness of classes and the opportunities to learn.

I was a staunch rule-follower, with unflinching intolerance for rule-breakers. As such, I was often sat near the “naughty” kids, the kids who talked too much and sat still too little. This is why I spent part of second grade year sitting by Matt.

Matt was the worst, in my opinion. He was loud, fidgety, and despite sitting next to Taylor the Enforcer, never seemed to behave. He was always being called out by Teacher for some sort of wrongdoing. As the long days of second grade dragged by, I listened to his chatter and witnessed his evident naughtiness. He talked while I was trying to do my times tables and focusing during spelling? Forget about it. I couldn’t imagine how things could get any worse. Until Pencilgate.

Over one weekend, I’d had a playdate with my BFF. At the end of our playdate, she gave me a super-cool camouflage pencil. I couldn’t wait to take it to school and show it off. Not everyone’s BFF gives them awesome pencils, after all. I brought it to school on Monday and put it in the little pencil well in my desk, giving it a special spot apart from the other pencils. I was going to be so envied when I used it. So envied.

Unfortunately, that day never came. When I went to open my desk between classes later that day to get my language notebook, Matt spied the pencil.

“Ooh, what’s that?” he asked mischievously.

I stared daggers at him. I was not in the mood.

“It’s my awesome pencil my best friend gave me. Leave me alone.”

“That’s a pretty cool pencil. Can I see?”


I watched in horror as if it were slow motion, as he reached across and snatched my pencil from my desk.

“Give it baaaaaaack! Give it baaaaaack!” I was indignant. I couldn’t believe this kid! How could he?
This was the pencil from my BEST FRIEND FOREVER. This was no joking matter.

He held my beloved pencil far above my head as I reached for it, trying to get back what was rightfully mine. My struggle was interrupted by Teacher, who was ready to start class. We sat down and Matt slipped the pencil into his desk. Defeat.

With steadfast faith in the law, or the classroom rules, as it were, I decided the mature thing to do would be to go to Teacher at recess and explain the situation. She knew Matt was naughty. She would remedy the situation.

To my surprise, I was not only stolen from, but insulted. When I went to talk to Teacher, I was not met with the due process of rules I was expecting. I told my story, and when I’d finished, Teacher looked at me with disdain.

“You can look in his desk!” I said. The proof would be in the pudding.

After recess, Teacher went to Matt and asked him about the pencil in question.
“It’s mine!” he claimed. “I don’t know why she’s saying I stole it!”
“But Teacher!” I exclaimed. “Matt stole my favorite pencil! I saw him!
Teacher looked at me with disdain I wouldn’t soon forget.

“Taylor, it’s not okay to try to steal things from people. This is clearly Matt’s pencil. I’m disappointed in you that you’d try to take it from him. We don’t lie in this classroom.”

I was speechless and appalled. ME? A liar? Where was the justice? How would I ever get my pencil back?

It appeared that I wouldn’t, so I decided on revenge instead. Valentine’s Day was coming up, and I’d bought these valentines that had female smiley faced characters dressed up in stylish outfits with captions like “You’re cute, Valentine.”

Most were pretty gender-neutral, save the stylish and girly characters on the front, except for one, which had a smiley face character in leopard print and a boa with the caption, “You’ve got style, Valentine.” How girly! It would be super embarrassing, I thought, if a guy got one of these. Like, horrifying. Any boy in the second grade wouldn’t be caught dead holding a valentine like that. I knew who the perfect recipient of such a valentine would be.

Valentine’s Day came, and I passed out my valentines to the class, names carefully written on each. Best friends got the cutest ones (obviously) and the rest were carefully assigned based on some sort of selection process I’d decided upon. I cackled to myself in my second-grade malevolence as I handed Matt his super-embarrassing valentine. You’ve got style, I thought. HA. You’ve got some nerve is what you’ve got. But that’s no matter. I’ll show YOU not to steal my pencil again.


I’m pretty sure that Matt was not upset in the least bit by my Valentine, but at the time, I felt deeply satisfied. I’d exacted my revenge on that dirty, rotten pencil stealer. And it was a Valentine’s Day that’s stuck with me until this day. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I can remember how scandalized I was by being called a liar or by having my favorite pencil stolen. Or maybe it’s because it’s a great demonstration of my complete inability to be truly mean. The lesson here is that it’s not wise to double-cross me, because I’ll give you the most complimentary Valentine ever.

Inspired by the WordPress Daily Post prompt My Funny Valentine.

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