The Less Sassy Guide on What to Buy Men for Valentine’s Day

Many of you perhaps saw my last post on what to buy women for Valentine’s Day. Turns out that women also need a ton of help deciding what to get you difficult men, as half of my traffic to that post was actually from google searches about “what to get men for valentines day.” I’d like to offer some ideas here, sans the sass.

Experience Gifts

When the man in question has enough “things,” sometimes the best thing to do is to get him an experience, something the two of you can share. It doesn’t have to be anything like a tropical vacation. Center it around something he’d like to do, and make it more tangible than a gift card or tickets by designing a gift basket around it. Here are some examples:

For the sports fan: Football tickets + a bobblehead of his favorite player + a team ballcap + a football

For the movie buff: DVDs + popcorn + movie theater candy (his faves) + Scene It + a liter of soda + a comfy blanket (for snuggling, obvi)

For the cultured man: Tickets for a play/concert/etc + gift card for a nice dinner + 2 champagne flutes + dark chocolate

For the outdoorsy man: A map of where you’ve planned a day of hiking/biking/etc + trail mix + a compass + accessories for said activity (a mile counter for his bike, etc)

Small Luxuries

There are a lot of things men appreciate but won’t necessarily buy for themselves, which means they make the perfect gifts.

Shaving kits like this one from The Art of Shaving bring a touch of class to his shaving routine.

The Art of Shaving Starter Kit in Sandalwood. $25,

On that note, a nice leather toiletry bag can also be a classy gift, especially for the man who travels often. I like this one from Kenneth Cole.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Mens Time Travel Kit. $24.95,

I think every man could use a nice watch. I personally like Fossil watches because they’re versatile and they have a lot of watches that can transition well from casual to business. I like the simplicity of this one from their Townsman collection.

Fossil Townsman Chronograph Leather Watch in Brown, $125,

Another great gift idea is a cologne because it’s a win-win. When shopping, be sure to pay attention to the bottle as much as the scent. If it’s a bottle you can’t see your SO liking, he might be less likely to use it because he thinks it’s girly/too rugged/etc.

One of my faves is Guess Seductive Homme for Men. It smells clean but not soapy, and it has a nice musky undertone. The bottle is super classy too.

Guess Seductive Homme for Men, $35.00 – $49.00,

Another one of my favorites is Born Wild from Ed Hardy. It’s musky, kind of sweet, and I fell in love with it the minute I smelled it. The bottle suggests it might be for a more adventurous man, however.

Born Wild by Ed Hardy, $75.00,

DIY Gifts

There’s nothing better than getting something really homemade, so if you’re feeling a little sentimental this Valentine’s Day, here are a couple suggestions for gifts you can basically make yourself.

Message-A-Day Jar
Buy fun, patterned paper and cut it into slips. On each slip, write compliments for your SO, quotes he might like, or fun facts. Make one for every day of the year, and put them all in a Mason jar. That way, he can draw one out every day and get a word of encouragement or a message from you daily. It’s a cute way to remind him you’re always there, especially if you’re going long-distance.

Custom Photo Calendar
Yes, we’ve already started 2014, but it’s not too late. Places like Walgreens do custom photo calendars. Bring in cute photos of the two of you or of places you’ve gone together and make a nice calendar that he can look at all year.

Write “50 Reasons Why I Love You” and Frame It
I made this one for the boyfriend’s birthday one year and he loved it. I typed it but you could hand-write it too for a more personalized touch (I just figured my handwriting might be messy).

Make him a scrapbook/memory book on Mixbook
I love Mixbook. They also do photo calendars, but I’ve used their photo book maker, and it’s awesome. It’s basically a virtual scrapbook. You can add stickers, fun fonts, and lots and lots of photos. It’s a fun way to document your time together, especially if you’ve been together for awhile. The finished product is high-quality and looks really impressive.

Ticket Jar
I guess women just like to put gifts in jars? I don’t know, but I saw this somewhere on the internet and I thought it was really cute. If you have a bunch of old tickets from movies, concerts, or other things you’ve done together, put them in a mason jar. It sounds simple (and it is) but I think it’s a cute way to remind him of all of the fun times you’ve had together, and it looks nice displayed on a desk or somewhere else.

I hope these tips were helpful. If you have any suggestions of gifts that have been a hit (or for men, things you’d like to get) comment below!


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