Wednesday (Weekly) Wishes

The Nectar Collective

We’re halfway through…how has your week been? Mine has consisted of avoiding classwork and working on this here lovely blog. It’s the last day of classes for me and I’m just ready for finals to be over so I can go home to the good ol’ West. I feel like I’m so close to being done but I have so much to finish between now and that moment when I get on the plane…productivity is key for the next week.

This Week’s Wishes

1. Feel better.
I’m not exactly sure if I’m getting sick or if it was the sketchy-as-heck Lean Cuisine I ate last night with fish in it (poor choice) but I do not feel well this morning. I’m tired and this rainy, disgusting weather isn’t helping. So hopefully I’ll get to feeling better! I plan on remedying the situation with lots of hot tea and something carb-ey (this is how I solve a lot of problems).

2. Stay on track for finals studying.
I have an icky finals schedule; I have four of my finals in a three-day span. So as of today I have one week before doomsday. Because they’re so close together, I’ll need to be really efficient in how I manage my time. This means I have to stop checking my blog/facebook/twitter/linkedin/literally all websites I use to distract myself. Enter the Self Control app (I talked about this amazing thing here)

3. Don’t fail Accounting.

4. Don’t fail History.

5. Don’t fail Legal Studies.

6. Don’t fail Operations Management.

7. Don’t fail Statistics.

8. Do some serious spring cleaning.
When you have to move dorms every year, it’s amazing how quickly you learn to just keep what you need. I have never been particularly good at that, seeing as, upon urging from my sister, I got rid of twenty pairs of shoes last summer and still had plenty to wear. So sometime this week (or before I leave for home) I’m hoping to go through my stuff and critically assess what I actually use, especially when it comes to my wardrobe. I feel like my style has changed since high school, and I’m still working on deciding what that is exactly, meaning that I probably have some clothes I don’t wear anymore. They need to go.

9. Don’t overwork myself.
Some people work themselves to the limit during finals. They stay up all night, every night. They live off of vending machine food and Red Bull. No thanks. I know I’ll be stressed but my goal is to try to eat moderately healthy and give myself time to sleep. I’ll be much happier that way, even though it’s easy to forget that when I look at my to-do list. Looks like I should start!

What are your weekly wishes?

Xoxo, Taylor


9 thoughts on “Wednesday (Weekly) Wishes

  1. I hope that you feel better–finals week is never a good time to feel under the weather, particularly because the stress likely exacerbates any physical problems.

    Though studying is good, try not to overdo it.

    My wish for this week is to finish all of my grading and get a good chunk of research in, because my parents are visiting me this weekend, into Tuesday.


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