Weddings, Pancake Art, and Poppin’ Tags (Life Lately)

This last week or so has been crazily busy. Wow. Thursday night, I was lucky enough to visit with the un-nephew and niece. These babies like me so far, and I’m hoping once they’re old enough to have some sense in them, they still will. As long as they let me talk and can handle my sass, we’ll get along great.

Brandon and I With The Twins

Friday night, Brandon and I attended his sister-in-law’s sister’s wedding. I managed to choose a dress that made me look like I was a bridesmaid who had tried to order her own dress but didn’t quite make the mark in matching the other bridesmaids. I would do something like that. Oops. Anyway, the ceremony was beautiful and we had a lot of fun. Arriving together at a wedding, of course, prompted everyone to remind us that we aren’t married/ask us when that’s happening. That’s not awkward or anything…We get that a lot though.

Brandon and I at the wedding

So, there’s not an absurd height difference or anything. But aren’t we totes classy?

Saturday, Brandon and I embarked on a roadtrip to Colorado to visit my family before I left for Philadelphia. It was my first time driving on the interstate for hours, and I admire him for venturing to get in a car with me. As I was heading to his house to pick him up, I hit a bird on the road for the first time ever, which totally didn’t seem like a bad omen or anything. Thankfully, I made it to Cheyenne without killing either of us or any more animals. Hesitant to push my luck, I let Brandon take the big-city driving from there.

The trip was great. Brandon was finally able to meet my extended family, and they didn’t threaten to kick him off of their properties or anything, so I think things went well. I got to see my two cousins, who are getting so big! I remember holding both as babies, and now the older one is 9. I feel so old.

My Sister, My Cousins, And I

My sister and I with the cousins

I hadn’t seen the kids for awhile, but they warmed up to us right away. The younger one, the sassy 6-year-old girl, told me “I don’t really remember you but I’ll hug you anyway” and artistically depicted me on a pancake, which is really more than I could have hoped for. We accidentally taught the older boy the word “sass,” which led to him responding to every one of his sister’s comments with “SASS!” Did I mention I have a talent for teaching kids annoying things?

Pancake Smiley Face

That’s obviously me.


Due to the kindness of my family, Brandon got to visit two of the law schools he’s looking at applying to, which was so nice. I preferred the one with the fancy spiral staircase and comfy chairs, but Brandon said he needs to consider other things like getting admitted, scholarships, and location. Some people make things way too complicated.

Monday, I lived out my fantasy of being Macklemore and went thrift shopping with the family. If you haven’t been thrift shopping, you should go. You’d be amazed at the kinds of things you can find for absurdly cheap. I bought some nice sweaters and a blazer, and Brandon managed to find a suit jacket, khakis, and dress shoes, all for $20. We both love nice clothes, and so for the future safety of his bank account, I think he’s encouraging this thrift shopping thing. Too bad I still love mall shopping. #cantstopwontstop

Pumpkin Pie Soda

I also bought pumpkin pie flavored soda. I still don’t know how I feel about it.

Tuesday, I bid adieu to Brandon for a month, which always sucks. People always imagine long-distance-relationships looking like something out of a Nicholas Sparks movie, but really mine just looks like a very sad and vertically challenged girl hugging a very tall and well-dressed man in a Red Robin parking lot. Sorry, guys. It’s not that glamorous.

Tuesday night, I spent more time with family, before crashing from exhaustion after a couple of really busy days and more physical activity via walking than I’ve gotten all summer. My sister and I flew out early Wednesday morning for Philadelphia, and here I am now!

I’m so happy to be back in Philly, and hopefully I’ll have a little time to breathe after what’s been a crazy but wonderful last few days. Now I’m just waiting for my boxes to arrive from the moving people, so that I can start making my dorm feel less like an overpriced shoebox and more like home.

Xoxo, Taylor


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