There Are Some Things People Say That I Just Can’t Even Deal With

Let me stop you right there.

I am generally a patient person, but there are some things that people say that just kill me, and my only thought is “I just can’t.” Here are some of those things.

“I haven’t seen my boyfriend/girlfriend for like a week, and it’s been horrible.”
I totally get it. When you’re in love with someone, it’s hard to be away from them. I mean anyone who says this no disrespect, but as someone who’s been in a LDR, I really have trouble having sympathy. I’m sure someone who hasn’t seen their boyfriend for over a year would scoff at my two-month stints, but still. I would be delighted to see Brandon every week during the school year.

OMG I can't even

“You’re really short.”
Wait, what? I’m actually from an Elvish village where everyone is four feet fall, and I’m a giant. I never realized I wasn’t the same height as normal humans. In all actuality, this doesn’t make me super mad, but it just confuses me. I don’t know why everyone feels the need to tell me this. Yes, I am also blonde. Thank you for sharing.

“…until you have a family someday.”
It’s amazing when you’re a woman how many people are eager to put an expiration date on your career, like I’m going to do this whole “career woman” thing for like five years, then have a family and never return to the work force. If you decide to be a career woman or a stay-at-home mom, either way you’re making a great decision, but I can’t deal with adults who assume I am going to be a stay-at-home mom because that is what women do. I might do that someday, but I might also keep my career. My gender has nothing to do with my decision.

You're really serious, aren't you?

“I quit _______ because I couldn’t get along with ______.”
I feel like this is an excuse people my age love to use. “I quit my job because I couldn’t get along with my boss.” “I quit college because my professors were jerks.” Sometimes these statements have validity, but I feel like people my age sometimes fail to take responsibility for their own actions. There are unpleasant people in life, and how you handle them is within your control. Blaming others’ actions for your own is not an excuse.


“Are you a midget?”
I’ve only gotten this once in my life, but I felt it was worth adding. I don’t really think an explanation is needed of why this makes me SMH.

Cut it out.
“She/he should just lose some weight.”
Weight issues are often so much more than meets the eye. Mental and emotional issues, heredity, and other factors can contribute to someone’s weight. For some people, losing weight or maintaining a reasonable weight is about a lot more than just cutting out eating cake. Assuming that weight gain is linked to the person doing something bad or wrong is unfair, and we probably shouldn’t be judging anyway. I’ve had a couple of issues with my own body image in the past, and so this one especially bothers me, especially when it comes from someone who has never had to worry about their weight.

Are there any things people say that you can’t deal with?

Xoxo, Taylor


6 thoughts on “There Are Some Things People Say That I Just Can’t Even Deal With

  1. When they close their boneheaded argument with “…until you have a family someday,” reply smugly, “I DO have a family. Thankfully, they’re all housebroken and living far away from me in [insert hometown here]. Whenever I need some me time, I just unplug the phone. Neener, neener.” Shuts new mothers right up. If they press the issue, stop them abruptly and say, “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m allergic to guilt. I’m going to need to leave now and do a Chardonnay cleanse. Because I’m not nursing anything. Neener, neener.”

    Weight is never–NEVER–about food unless it’s medical and then it’s actually about the body, not the food. People do weird shit to feel better. (I never understood the shoe buying thing. Or video games.) Once they find something that reliably makes the pain go away sure and quick, they will stick with it until the consequences are even more painful than the original pain or they find another method of feeling better to replace it with. That’s Humans 101, but it’s funny how many of them skip that course.


    • This is by far one of my favorite comments left on my blog. The part about the Chardonnay cleanse cracked me up! I see nothing wrong with having a family or wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, but I get upset when it’s expected out of me.

      I also agree with your point about weight. Everyone has their way of self-medicating, it’s just that some are for some reason more socially acceptable than others.

      Thank you for providing your thoughtful and sassy perspective on the subject!!


      • Worse than militant moms are the pet owners who refer to themselves as Fido and Fluffy’s “mommy.” I’m WAY too visual for shit like that.

        Yeah, isn’t it bizarre how going away to rehab is cool but going away to fat camp is shameful? Same diff, folks. Funny thing, but I don’t see any Extreme Makeover: Heroin Edition on ABC. What’s up with that? Chuckling at people over size 16 standing in their tighty-whities on a giant scale is good, wholesome fun but junkies are no laughing matter? Why, because family values? Tell me again how much your own family weighs?



  2. Those were all pretty interesting things that get your goat. For me, not a lot tends to grind me down, but some of these are third rails for me:

    “We need to talk.” The four wordsmen of the apocalypse.

    “How is your research going?” Frankly, not well.

    “Are you preparing for what happens next?” I realize it’s important, but I can be so one-track-minded.


  3. Girl, you are SO beautiful that weight and height should be totally irrelevant. You’re beautiful because of how you make people smile and laugh and think about life, and how skilled you are with a makeup brush and a cup of tea. And if you’re a midget, what are real midgets?

    love you,


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