Life Lessons From Tiny Taylor

WARNING: Adorable baby/toddler pictures to follow.

If you didn’t see my first post on fashion tips from Tiny Taylor, quit everything you are doing and go there now. The whole post is just an excuse for me to share a bunch of super-cute photos from my childhood. So is this post.

Tiny Taylor may have been confused about a lot of things in life, but there were a couple of things she got right.

1. Always act like a lady.

Toddler Taylor Dressed Up

You must always sit prim and proper. Also, if your outfit matches your couch, that’s a bonus.

Toddler Taylor Dressed Up For Easter

A true lady always wears a hat.

2. Know how to defend yourself.

Taylor At Karate Class

This was one of the rare times where I wasn’t staring at myself in the dojo mirrors.

3. You are never too curvy to rock a bikini.

Toddler Taylor And Her Sister At the Pool

Look out, swimwear models.

4. Never be afraid to be glamorous, even when others might deem it inappropriate. (Like at the pool.)

Toddler Taylor Wearing a Sailor Outfit

“Sailor chic” is a thing.

Taylor and Dad At the Pool

I was literally too cool for school. I wish I were this glam now.

5. Life is never too hectic for naptime, wherever it might occur.

Baby Taylor Napping

Like on the floor.

Toddler Taylor Napping in a Suitcase

Or in a suitcase.

6. Don’t be afraid to wear provocative sayings on your clothing. Express yo’self.

Baby Taylor Wearing A "Spit Happens" Bib

Keeping it sassy since the early 90’s.

7. It’s important to love one’s country.

Toddler Taylor Holding An American Flag


8. When in doubt, eat the cake.

Baby Taylor Eating Cake

I loved cake from a young age.

Toddler Taylor On Her Birthday With Cake

Do you know how many cake pictures I found of myself? It’s almost upsetting.

Baby Taylor With Her Face Covered In Cake

I even wore cake as an accessory.

Todder Taylor Eating Her Sister's Birthday Cake

And here is me (in the red) eating my baby sister’s birthday cake with my face #noshame

9. Never hesitate to get excited about the small things in life, like bath time, bike helmets, time with friends, and pretty flowers.

Toddler Taylor At Bathtime

Omg it’s bathtime! This is awesome!

Toddler Taylor Excitedly Wearing a Bike Helmet


Taylor and Her Friend


Toddler Taylor Excited About a Flower


10. Swag. Always.

Baby Taylor's Swag Face

What are your favorite photos of yourself during your childhood? Go to my Facebook page and share them on P&L’s wall, if you’re brave enough!

Xoxo, Taylor


3 thoughts on “Life Lessons From Tiny Taylor

  1. Since when did you do karate?! I didn’t know you were a martial artist. So talented.
    Seriously, you were the cutest. And cake…gurrrrl I feel you. Somehow I always had blueberry something or other all over my face, which I remembered this morning at breakfast as i shoved a handful of those suckers down and ran out the door.

    You’ve inspired me to resurrect my own fashion lessons from days of old…:


    Liked by 1 person

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