My Rules To Live By

As a Type A personality, I love rules like a 12-year-old girl loves One Direction. I saw a post by another blogger recently about their rules for life, and it got me thinking about my own. So after much thought over a peanut-butter-fudge shake from Sonic, I recorded a few of them here.

– Always get dessert.
– The only person that needs to think you’re hilarious is you. Laugh anyway.
– Life is too short to spend it with anyone other than your best friend.
– Never put money first. Happiness is found in how you view things, not what things you possess.
– There is always time if you make time.
– Stop comparing yourself to others. Someone is always going to be better at using Instagram filters than you. We all have our talents.
– Think positively of yourself. If you’re happy with you, you leave everyone else no other option.
– Take time to be spontaneous. As every cliche Pinterest photo says, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.”
– It will all work out, so worrying about it is useless. So is staying single in the hopes that Zac Efron will discover you someday. (I break this one, not gonna lie. Also, I’m keeping my eye out for Zefron. Brandon, you’ve been warned.)
– If you haven’t yet been compared to Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears, you’re probably doing okay in life.
– Always take the time to listen. You never know when your listening ear is going to be exactly what someone else needs.
– Love should never supersede friendship. “Bros before hoes” is always a good guideline, though you gotta make time for your hoe too.
– Always get dessert.
– Dance when you get the chance, even if you’re awful at it.
– Never pass up the chance to make a pun. They’re punderful.
– It is better to be curvy and happy than have a six-pack and never experience ice cream.
– See the humor in every situation.
– Don’t stop dreaming big like a child. I’m still dreaming that someday I’ll pass five-foot-two.
– Never be afraid to be vulnerable, like when cats roll over so you can pet their bellies.

What are your rules for life?

Xoxo, Taylor


6 thoughts on “My Rules To Live By

    • Dinner is just a warm-up for dessert, that’s all. lol thanks for reading!! If you steal the post idea, give me a pingback so I’ll see it! I want to see what you do with the idea. 🙂


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