I Love Honey Bri-Bri

When you say “celebrity crush,” most people think of athletes, actors, or musicians. Love scenes, huge athlete biceps, and guitar skills are all pretty hot, but what’s sexier than any of those? The evening news.

Yeah, I went there. Is there anything more attractive than a man who knows what’s going in the world? If Zac Efron donned a suit and tie and talked to me through my TV about the global economy, I’d probably die.

But since he doesn’t do that (sad day), my celebrity crush of the evening news has to be Brian Williams.

Brian Williams

-He is super classy.
-He is an excellent looking older man, sort of like if George Clooney was a hard-hitting journalist.
-He has a dry sense of humor that kills me.
-He dropped out of college to intern with President Carter’s administration…can you say #toocool4skool?

This recent obsession with the NBC Nightly News star probably speaks to my general taste in men.

I grew up believing I was a girl who was looking for a man with six-pack abs and huge biceps. Then I got to high school, and realized something that should have been obvious much before then: I’m actually into nerds.

When I say “nerd,” I mean “person who takes intellectual pursuits seriously.” (At one point, I actually had a shirt that said “I Love Nerds,” but eventually I realized wearing it was both socially awkward and redundant. The fact that I loved nerds was probably already painfully obvious, considering I was one). I would rather go for someone who is intellectual than someone who works out any day of the week.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate physical attractiveness, but I would prefer someone who I can have deep conversation with over someone who can do bicep curls with grown men as weights. Muscles aren’t super important to me in the long run.

This is probably why while other women of the world are busy fawning over super-hot but mega-jerk Adam Levine, for example, I’m a huge fan of a man who does the evening news.

If you aren’t acquainted with Honey Bri-Bri, here are some videos of his interview with Jimmy Fallon, as well as two amazing mash-ups of Mr. Williams that Jimmy Fallon did for his show.


Do you have an unconventional celebrity crush?

Xoxo, Taylor


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