I Have A Houseplant Named Napoleon

Everyone says my sister and I look alike. I always thought it was one of those things like where old people eventually grow to look like their dogs, but my sister says it’s just genetics. Whatever. Anyway, my sister and I not only look alike but we kind of act alike, too.

One of the strangest things I’ve picked up from my sister, who’s pretty strange to begin with (that’s a compliment, my sister is awesome) is naming things. My sister is obsessed with naming everything. I have no idea where this came from. Maybe she’s trying to be “ironic,” or maybe she just feels better about a world where even lowly inanimate objects can have forms of identification. I’m not sure.

Regardless, everything in our house has a name. Our fish are Benvolio and Cornelius, we have two houseplants named Napoleon and Genghis, and a lizard named Zeus. My sister’s guitar is Carlos, our cars are Terrell and Kermit, and my (now removed) gallbladder’s name is (was) Dolly.

Naming fish has always been the biggest deal. My sister likes Shakespearean names for fish, and so it’s required that we hunt the internet for the perfect name. This is small potatoes on the weirdness scale compared to taking my 15-year-old sister to Petco and having her look every betta fish in the face, loudly asking “Are you Mercutio?” until she finds the fish with the “friendliest face.” The looks on the faces of the people around us are my favorite part.

Even when I’m not around my sister, I find myself still naming things. On our camping trip, every fish I caught had to be named. I ate Templeton, Felipe, and Archibald II for lunch with no regrets.

It’s funny how we pick up things from our siblings, even silly things like feeling the need to name inanimate objects….and fish. What habits have you picked up from your siblings?

Xoxo, Taylor


5 thoughts on “I Have A Houseplant Named Napoleon

  1. I’m an only child, so most of my habits were probably picked up from the cat I got when I was five (sleeping in sunny spots on the floor, head bumping people to get their attention, and the like) but I also name things! My car is named Brunswick!


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