Why I’m Sick Of Your Blog Trying To Give Me Free Stuff

One of the go-tos of the blogger world is the giveaway. Giveaways for products specific to your niche or readership can be a great way to increase your social media following and increase reader engagement. While they can be effective, I think that when it comes to giveaways, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Reasons why you should use giveaways sparingly:

1. They take web space away from real content. As a blogger, I spend a lot of time reading other blogs, both for inspiration and for my own personal entertainment and edification. One of the things that turns me off from a blog is when all that seems to be published are posts about giveaways. I read blogs because I want to learn something new, laugh, or otherwise benefit. If I wanted free things all the time, I’d obsessively enter Publisher’s Clearing House or something. Giveaway posts, if written in a way that the giveaway is secondary to some sort of content, can be much more tolerable, but bloggers should be careful as to not make giveaways the focus.

2. They cheapen your blog, if used too much. This ties into the first reason. If your blog becomes more about giving away things than it is about content, readers are going to begin to view your blog as a haven for free stuff, not a thoughtful, helpful, or otherwise valuable site. Readers will skim your content to find the “free stuff” posts and your hard-hitting thoughts on body image or politics or whatever else will get lost in the shuffle.

3. They can inflate your stats. Let’s be honest, if you’re asked to like a blog’s Facebook page in order to enter a giveaway, do you really care that much what the page is about? At its core, a giveaway is a way to gain numbers, not readers. The hope is that by persuading some people into liking your Facebook page with the offer of free stuff, you’ll be able to convert them to readers by giving them exposure to your content, but numbers are not the same as readers. Inflated stats could be good if you’re looking for brand partnerships or sponsorships, but I personally would feel guilty touting around my stats when I know that 3/4 of the people that follow me are actually just numbers, not involved readers.

I love giveaways, and think they can be a really fun way to share your favorite products with your readers and gain some new readers, but they have to be used as a way to bring new readers to your content, not replace your content altogether.

What are your thoughts on giveaways?

Xoxo, Taylor


11 thoughts on “Why I’m Sick Of Your Blog Trying To Give Me Free Stuff

  1. I agree. That’s all I feel like I see with certain blogs. Blogs that are entertaining with content, or helpful in any way get my attention. I like numbers as much as the next guy, but I also want them to READ my content. Nice post!!


  2. I totally agree, I skip those posts most of the time unless there are low entries lol but then I end up with way too many blogs on bloglovin that I dont really want to read :/


  3. I 100% agree with you! Reading posts after posts about giveaways sometimes turns into a real turn off, especially if I was an avid reader of that blog before they went giveaway crazy. Such a shame


  4. The reason I do giveaways is not to inflate my numbers or what have you. Yes I get a lot of numbers on giveaway days, but I do giveaways to give things to people. I like to give in my life, that is something at the core of my values. I like giving so for me giveaways are a way to do that. I may have a ton of people who only view my blog for giveaways but if that’s the case that’s okay. I love to write content and I love to give things to people that I know I couldn’t do on my own.


    • I think that’s awesome that you’re so giving, Amanda! I certainly didn’t write this to bash all giveaways or to say that people who use giveaways only have alterior motives. I simply wanted to point out what some of the negatives can be of over-giveaway-ing. But if you love giving and it’s working for you, you go, girl!


  5. I totally agree with you! I recently wasn’t a host, but a co-host on some giveaways, and it felt like they all started at the same time and it was overwhelming. I didn’t dedicate posts to them, but I put the way to enter at the bottom of blog posts, to try and make it a secondary thing. I agree they should be used sparingly.


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