The Weirdest Things People Googled To Get To My Blog

As a blogger, I can see my stats, including how people get to my blog. Many of the people that arrive at my blog do so through google…but what they google is far from what you’d expect.

“Unhelpful relationship with my girlfriend”
What does it mean to be in an “unhelpful relationship?” Is the person unhelpful or is the whole relationship somehow unhelpful? Whatever this person was looking for, I don’t know if they found it on my blog. Sorry.

“Women doing horses”
I know there are a lot of weird people on the internet with specific tastes, but how did this get someone to my blog? I am tempted to google this just to find out how near the top of the page my blog is, but I feel like that’s a really bad idea for some reason.

“ red light green light”
Again, there are some weirdos on the internet. What people do in their spare time with a google search bar is their business. But how in the world would someone google this and find my blog? And why do you need instructions?

“Am I responsible for boyfriends boredom”
No, no you are not. He is a strong independent man who don’t need no woman to entertain him.

“I’m Beyonce”
Me: Who googled this?
My roommate: Obviously Beyonce.

“Explore meaningful things”
How does one do this? I’d like to talk to this googler and see if they found anything else on the subject.

“What can a 75 year old woman do for fun”
Date younger men, eat whatever the heck they want, go on trips to exotic places…basically anything that anyone else can do for fun, perhaps sans the more physically demanding things.

“Does fun sized only deal with height?”
This is obviously someone dealing with some size insecurities….sorry, dude.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever googled?

Xoxo, Taylor


17 thoughts on “The Weirdest Things People Googled To Get To My Blog

  1. I love finding other bloggers posts on this…I’ve written about it a few times. Sadly, I have a lock on sex with donkeys. Best not to ask, probably. Just know, once you wrote about it, it makes it worse!


  2. Search terms are so weird as to how they find a blog. I actually took a look at my “all-time” stats (since July 2011) and quite a few of the search terms involve the “xxx,” almost certainly since my M.A.P.L.E. and O.C.T.O.B.E.R. posts are numbered in the title by Roman numerals, and thus the penultimate post in each sequence has the “XXX.”

    Of course, I don’t think I have a post which is worse than G- or PG-rated on my blog! All those “xxx” searchers probably leave disappointed!

    I should write about that, too! It seems to be a popular topic to discuss on a blog.


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