My Dad Deserves An Award for Putting Up With Me

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, which is a time to appreciate how much our dads do for us, and how much they put up with our ridiculousness.

There are a few times that Dad probably should have disowned me, but didn’t. And I appreciate that.

  • That time I accidentally cracked his rib when I was little while we were roughhousing
  • That time I almost broke his nose by punching him square in the face for absolutely no reason at the family barbecue
  • The numerous times I probably kicked Dad somewhere I shouldn’t have when I was little because I thought it was hilarious

But in all seriousness, my dad has done more than most dads have for us in half the time. Dad works out of town, and so he’s only been home for roughly half my life, but we’ve never been shorted. Dad has been there for field trips, for school events, and holidays whenever he could.

Dad, Mom and I at Football Ball

Dad, Mom, and I on the night of my sophomore year dance.

It’s really easy to say you’re a “family man,” but my dad is the closest thing to a family man you could meet. His days off are spent helping around the house while mom is at work, helping us with school stuff, and spending time doing things with us. He rarely does “nights out with the guys” or takes time to do things for himself.

My dad is selfless and caring. If you’re sick, you can guarantee that Dad will be dedicating the day to cooking for you, checking on you, and doing anything within his power to make you feel better. That’s just the kind of dad my dad is.

He’s also highly tolerant. As I hinted at earlier, he puts up with a lot. Living with three women means living with three times the sass. He deals with a good bit of banter, and always takes it in stride.

Dad and Jordan Wear Onion Goggles and Aprons

Dad and my sister rocking the old-fashioned aprons. Dad is also sporting the “onion goggles.”

My favorite thing about my dad is that he has never been afraid to join us in the things we enjoy. He shoots zombies on Left for Dead with my sister. He’s donned old-fashioned aprons with us in the kitchen. He is a star at Wii hula-hooping. He knows most episodes of Spongebob, our childhood favorite, by heart. Just last week, he sat down with me and sassed women with bad wedding dresses while I watched TLC’s Four Weddings. (Let’s be real, Dad doesn’t even like watching wedding shows.)

The Family on Halloween

I am so lucky to have the dad that I do. Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world! (Dad is also amazing at grilling/smoking/cooking meat, so I’m going to be appreciating that tomorrow over a prime rib dinner.)

What do you like best about your dad?

Xoxo, Taylor


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