I Actually Cannot Deal With Olivia Pope

I started watching Scandal this summer with Brandon, and since Scandal is basically the crack of the TV world, I’m hooked. I’m already on Season 3 and I am fully planning on catching up, partly so I can enjoy the new episodes when they come out, and partly so I can understand why my roommate spends one hour a week yelling at, gasping at, and crying at the television while drinking a glass of wine.

I’m going to make a major confession here. Some of you might judge me, and some of you might even decide you don’t want to be my friend anymore, but here goes: I don’t like Olivia Pope.

Let’s be clear: I still like the show. I don’t think it’s that well-written, but I enjoy the constant twists and turns. How could I dislike Olivia Pope, one of the most powerful, accomplished, and well-acted female characters on television today?

Olivia and Fitz’s thing is the most annoying thing to watch.
I cannot deal with how one minute she’s like “I love you, now let’s have sex in a random closet in the White House” and the next minute she is like “I don’t need you, Fitz. Get out of my life forever.” This would be fine if it happened once, but after the first twenty times, it just gets annoying. Her whole “I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need no man” thing quickly dissolves when you see her making weird panting noises every time Fitz even calls her. Get a grip, Olivia.

She isn’t very nice to her friends.
Olivia is lucky to have great friends. Harrison, Abby, and Huck are by her side through everything, and they all put their blind faith in her, even if she’s always keeping secrets from them. Harrison is so devoted, he’s basically the Cult of Olivia Pope’s President…and Treasurer…and Secretary.

Despite this, she has nearly zero appreciation for them. Take the episode where Olivia and Fitz’s affair is leaked to the press, and Harrison offers to “fix” the situation for Olivia. Olivia’s reaction isn’t appreciative in the slightest. She blows up at Harrison and tells him to leave it alone, in a “how dare he try to be helpful and be a good friend” sort of way. I almost threw my remote at the TV during that scene. She expects her friends to blindly help her cover up her illegal actions while offering no real emotion in return.

Olivia actually screws up people’s lives on the reg.
Olivia tries to convince herself and everyone else that she wears the “white hat.” She encourages her friends/employees/servants to think of themselves as “gladiators in suits,” and operates her business on the premise of doing good.

If I were David Rosen, I’d have trouble buying into that idea. Olivia ruined his career and destroyed his romance with Abby all in the name of covering up Defiance. Sure, she helped make him US Attorney General later, but I think Billy summed it up best when he said, “Yeah, yeah, she’ll break out the crazy glue and fix it for you, but she broke it!” If you need any more examples: Quinn, the CIA director…the list goes on. Olivia is awesome at screwing up your life, fixing it, and then convincing you she’s Jesus on earth.

She toys with people’s emotions.
How many times did Edison have to pop the question before Olivia had the guts to actually end things? How long did she play hard-to-get with Jake before coldly dismissing him?

Olivia seems to think that because she’s this tortured soul unable to be with the one she loves, she has a free pass to go around leading people on as she tries to find some sort of second-best happiness. This means that she is indecisive, polarized, and just not very nice to the men in her life. I get that being in love with the president is a major struggle and all, but stop dragging other people into it. Let people like Edison and Jake find some happiness, for goodness’ sake. No reason to drag everyone down with you into your pit of self-pity.

I am in love with Olivia Pope’s wardrobe, and I have respect for her intense skills as a “fixer,” whatever the heck that actually means, but I still have some serious problems with the woman. What do you think about Olivia Pope?

Xoxo, Taylor


5 thoughts on “I Actually Cannot Deal With Olivia Pope

  1. welll I definitely just got some spoilers hahaha Im still on season 2 🙂 Its okay the way its written you can pretty much figure out whats going to happen.

    I too hate the way she treats her friends!


  2. Taylor, I have to say I was intrigued as to why you don’t like Olivia and although I’ve never watched a SINGLE episode of Scandal I completely agree with you! LOL Your post has been shared on my FB page 🙂


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