45 Thoughts I Have While Shopping At Ulta

As I’ve mentioned before, Ulta is one of my favorite stores. I have trouble staying away and once I enter, it’s about 99% certain that I’ll buy something. For anyone who has been to an Ulta, it is a magical place, but also a place full of struggles. And way too many things I should not buy but end up buying anyway.

45 thoughts I have while shopping at ulta

1. It’s a Friday and I just made it through a midterm. I should treat myself.
2. Maybe just something small though.
3. Ooh I forgot how many fun things they have here!
4. I need bronzer.
5. And maybe blush.
6. Oh, also my lipgloss is running out.
7. And I’ve always wanted to try colored eyeliner.
8. I’ll just have to pick one. I’ll see what speaks to me.
9. Maybe if I wander around like I’m lost, the nice ladies will help me.
10. Keep wandering, keep wandering. Look puzzled.
11. Looks like I’ll have to get more assertive. I’ll have to approach them.
12. “Any color would look good.” What kind of advice is that?
13. You think I’m just a poor college student who’s not going to buy anything. I see how it is.
14. Looks like I’m riding solo. I can do this.
15. This shade of blush looks good. I should probably try some on.
16. Oh no. This is bad. Who would even wear this shade??
17. Maybe this super-expensive foundation will cover it up.
18. Aaaand, it didn’t. Awesome. “Extra coverage?” BS.
19. Ain’t nothin’ gonna bring me down. I’ll move on to lip color.
20. “Plum wine.” This seems subtle.
21. No. Not subtle.
22. I look like a Barbie doll crossed with a villainness.
23. What you looking at, Ulta security guard?
25. Okay, okay. This foundation seems nice. Just my shade.
26. HOW MUCH?! Does it contain gold? Powdered diamonds?
27. This must be a joke.
28. Maybe I can find something similar in the drugstore section.
29. Omg look how cheap everything here is!
30. It’s like they’re giving it all away. This is beautiful.
31. Why can’t I try anything on?
32. Looks like I’m leaving it to chance.
33. Okay, gotta avoid anything remotely resembling “Plum Wine.”
34. Eyeliners at 2 for $8? You can’t pass up these savings!
35. Nail polishes on clearance? It would be crime not to pick up at least ten of these.
36. And what about this face wash? It has starfruit! I don’t even know what that is but it looks delicious.
37. When I die, I hope heaven has an Ulta.
38. Alright, I think I’ve made some good choices.
39. Did I actually fill a whole shopping basket? Oops.
40. Oh well, I’m sure it will be cheap. It was all on sale.
41. I see your judgment, cashier. There is nothing wrong with a woman who wants some beauty products!
42. Wait. My total is what? Is that in euros?
43. It’s an investment in my future, right?
44. I’m never coming back here again.
45. Let’s be real, I’ll probably be back here again.

Do you ever shop at Ulta? Can you relate?


Xoxo, Taylor

Image: I heart Ulta by Lisa Brank, CC 2.0., modified under license.

6 thoughts on “45 Thoughts I Have While Shopping At Ulta

  1. Yes, yes, and yes. Yes I can relate. Yes I feel your pain, struggle, pleasure, elation, and all of the above. Yes you are awesome. And yes you did rock that white Ulta eyeliner in our late night photoshoot. And don’t even get me started on Ulta’s Christmas sales! Every holiday season, when the “stocking stuffers” are all on sale, they have no idea that that’s actually my season-long lifeline.


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  2. I always buy way more than I should at Ulta especially since not everything is expensive like Sephora. I make sure to only go every once in a while!


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