Tea Time with Tay: Tea Party Tuesday Link-Up

Hey everyone! If you’ve read my post on winter essentials, you know that tea is one of my favorite things in the whole world. When Jacky of Keep Calm and Blog On approached me about co-hosting her Tea Party Tuesday linkup, I knew that I absolutely had to, mostly so I could title a post “Tea Time with Tay.”

Tea Time With Tay: Tea Party Tuesday Linkup

Since I’m here already talking about tea, today I’m sharing with you some of my favorites.

Good Earth Sweet & Spicy

Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea
My lovely friend Erica introduced me to this one. This tea combines cinnamon and orange for a blend that tastes like a warm hug for my tongue. Find it at some supermarkets or here at Good Earth.

Harrod’s Easter Tea

Harrods Easter Tea

Via Pinterest

I picked this one up in London while there over spring break. With notes of lemon and cocoa, it’s a black tea with some pizzazz. If I add milk and sugar, it tastes like dessert. Mmm. Unfortunately it’s only available during the early spring, but normally you can find it here.


Kusmi Almond Green Tea

Kusmi Green Tea
Another London find, this tea has converted me from a black-tea-only kind of gal. The almond flavor removes some of the bitterness of green tea, and I can’t have it without honey.

What are your favorite teas? If you drink tea and don’t share your favorite, I’ll be sad. Don’t make me sad!

If you’re a blogger, be sure to link up below for some blog love and check out this week’s co-hosts!

Xoxo, Taylor


It’s Tea Party Tuesday!
The Rules:
1. Link up ANY post and link back here.
2. Follow Keep Calm and Blog On and your co-hosts.
3. Visit at least three other bloggers and say hello.
Keep Calm and Blog On

Sip your tea and nibble your crumpets, let’s hop to it…



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4 thoughts on “Tea Time with Tay: Tea Party Tuesday Link-Up

  1. My favorite kinds of tea are chamomile, mint, and black. In particular, I have supplies of Wizzotsky Chamomile/Nana (Nana is Hebrew for mint), Bigelow Mint Medley, and Bigelow Earl Grey teas in my apartment.

    I also drink Bigelow “Constant Comment” on occasion at the office.


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