Guest Post: Expand Your Blog Reading List

I’d like to sidenote that many of these blogs are also my personal favorites. They’re written by some wonderful ladies and I also encourage you to check them all out…including Vanessa’s!

expand your blog reading list

Hello lovely readers of Pinstripes&Lipgloss!

My name is Vanessa and I blog over at A City Girl’s Guide To Life. I’d like to thank Taylor for having me guest post today and for the opportunity to share some of my favorite blogs with you!

As a blogger, I find that social media is the key to new inspiration. However, as is the nature of social media, information is relayed constantly in quick blips and sometimes I don’t know what to look at first! When on Facebook, I’m always in search of blogs to follow and over the years, I’ve collected quite a few on my reading list.

Keep reading to meet some of my favorite bloggers who have some pretty lovely Facebook pages!

You have some catching up to do!

You have some catching up to do! (Via Womanista)

1. Extraextravagant: For beauty, style & product reviews.

2. Sydney Luella: For fashion, beauty & lifestyle.

3. Farmgirl Writes: For lifestyle, photography & writing.

4. River City Chic: For style, fashion & adventures.

5. Wandering Forevermore: For crafting, traveling & yoga.

6. Danny +: For journalism, beauty & fashion.

7. In-Between Life: For twenty-somethings, post-grad advice & writing.

8. Allisonleighann.: For lifestyle, twenty-somethings & traveling.

9. Coming Up Roses: For motivation, style & satire.

10. Joojoo Azad – Free Bird: Fashion, social action & inspiration.

11. Briannah.: For lifestyle, fashion & beauty.

12. A Raw Petite Ness: For fashion, accessories & food.

13. Life In Kirsten’s Boots: For fashion, lifestyle & cooking.

14. The Craziest Paradigm: For fashion, beauty & lifestyle.

15. The Pink Paperdoll: For style, brands & adventures.

16. Simplysinova: For music, product reviews & giveaways.

17. Undergraduate Style: For style, college & lifestyle.

18. Designs By Emily F: For fashion, printables & freebies.

19. GenPink: For lifestyle, Generation Y & twenty-somethings.

20. Livin and Lovin: For college, love & food.

21. Style Spice: For fashion, beauty & lifestyle.

22. Brunette with a Bow: For college, life & style.

23. Mostly Lisa: For fashion, product reviews & lifestyle.

24. Eat Drink and Be Mary: For lifestyle, recipes & d.i.y..

25. With Love AR: For college, fashion & photography.

26. Sparkle & Shine: For lifestyle, college & sorority life.

27. Rhyme & Ribbons: For crafting, baking & poetry.

28. It’s Emma Elise: For college, life & fashion.

29. Organized Charm: For study tips, organization & product reviews.

30. Annabel & Alice: For traveling, d.i.y. & baking.

31. In Bloom: For college, movie reviews & style.

For more on my style, my adventures in the city and beauty tips & tricks, follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

xo, Vanessa


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