Trendy Tuesday: Summer Wardrobe Essentials with Sydney

Trendy Tuesday Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Hey y’all!

You’ve probably noticed from that super southern greeting that this is a guest blog post. So allow me a little shameless self promo: I’m Sydney, the eponymous blogger of Sydney Luella where I write (almost) on the daily!

Since Taylor is out with a rough case of final exams, she’s handing the blogging reigns over to me for the day. Taylor and I actually have a lot in common. We’re both originally from the wild, wild west, super sassy and mildly majorly obsessed with tea. So naturally, when she asked for guest posters, I jumped at the chance! I have a love of alliteration and a fondness for fashion, so “Trendy Tuesday” is right up my alley.

This post will be all about the top things you need to have in your summer wardrobe. For me, a summer wardrobe is simple, versatile, and easy to wear! Bottom line: I don’t like to think about it. It’s the summer, I want to enjoy every minute of my vacation. I’ll save the deep thinking for the fall when I’m back in school trying to pass my financial accounting class. When it’s summer, I want to look effortless. Kind of like a beach goddess who just got back from an exotic magazine shoot in St. Tropez (side note: If you ever figure out how to get that look, please let me know).  But I digress, let’s get to the list already!

summer essentials


1. LWD (little white dress): we all have a classic little black dress, right? But what about a little white dress? What I love most about a white dress is that it’s so versatile–in both style and functionality. Whether you’re edgy rocker-chic, a boho babe, or a college prepster, there’s a white dress that fits you perfectly! Also, it’s perfect for almost any occasion. It can be worn the beach or a picnic in the park during the day, but also dressed up and worn out to a concert or nice dinner at night.

2. Bucket bag: these bags have been around for a while, but they’ve recently become super popular. For good reason too! They’re the perfect ‘throw everything in and go’ kind of bag. As you may have guessed, that’s my ideal kind of bag. Don’t be fooled by the small size, my bucket bag can hold everything I need and I carry a lot of stuff. At any given time, I probably have at least five pounds of lip gloss in the bottom of my bag. Do I need it? No. Does that change anything? Absolutely not. So, if you’re a lip product hoarder like me, bucket bags are perfect!

3. Midi skirt: In case you haven’t heard, midi is the new maxi.  Midi skirts were a huge trend for spring. I’m usually a few months behind the rest of the world when it comes to trends, so I’ll be rocking these skirts all summer long—and you should too! I do love maxi skirts, but midi skirts win this battle for me because they’re flowy-er and not as heavy for summer. Also, I can never really find the perfect maxi skirt. They’re either too short or way too long and end up dragging on the ground (gross!). So midi skirts are the perfect happy medium between maxi skirts and mini skirts. Side note: be careful with mini skirts. I’m all about flaunting your assets but stay classy, people.

4. Floral Kimono: funny story, I’m actually wearing a floral kimono as I type this right now! I’ve pretty much exhausted this statement by now, but I’m all for easy summer fashions and kimonos are the best! They’re not hot and sweaty but they also cover a little more skin than, say, a tube top. If you can rock a tube top, more power to you, but kimonos let me be cute, summery and feminine while still being comfortable.

5. Surf spray: Ok, I’m being a little rebellious here by including a beauty product, but I just had to mention this! I’m a massive fan of surf spray. In the summer, the last thing I want to do is spend hours heat styling my hair. If I wanted to end up exhausted and sweaty, I would go to the gym. A surf spray (my favorite is the classic Bumble & Bumble one!) only takes a few seconds and lets you rock your natural hair texture. What more could you want?

So that’s it! It’s not a long list, but hey, summer is a time to showcase your style and pretty much anything will go. Pretty much! But really though, just have confidence and you’ll always be on trend. Ok enough with me attempting to be motivational, if you don’t have one (or all) of these things, the summer sales are in full force so run out to your nearest H&M or Forever21 and treat yo self!

xo Sydney

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