That Guy Who Thinks I’m A Blue Alien and Other Bizarre Dating Experiences

Let’s be real, the dating world is bizarre. If you’ve ever been single and moderately prepared for mingling (or awkwardly unequipped like this girl), you’ve probably had a strange encounter or two. I know pre-boyfriend, I had plenty. I was browsing through blogs today and a blogger’s recap of her strange date made me start thinking about my own weird past encounters with guys. And when I say weird, I actually mean super super strange.

Today I’m listing off some of my personal favorites. I don’t want this to seem at all like I’m trashing guys who have been interested in me in the past or anything of the sort, but some of these are just too much.

  1. The time a guy told me I looked like the princess from Avatar (you know, the blue alien one). What?
  2. The time a guy who was flirting with me asked me how much I could bench press. (Dude…)
  3. The time I got asked on a first date which consisted of a gay rights parade and then a trash clean-up at a local park. (I have no particular issues with either, but what’s wrong with dinner and a movie?)
  4. The time the school storage box delivery guy told me to call him. (I just want my winter clothes and school supplies, bro.)
  5. That time the guy next door came over and asked me if I wanted to open a lemonade stand and then make money and then use the money to go out together and buy ice cream and hang out (this was in eighth grade, and again, a proper date would have been much more simple using a cost-benefit/time-value-of-money analysis).
  6. That time that crazy man on a crowded street in San Francisco began loudly yelling like he was an announcer at the circus, “Attention everyone! This young lady has the nicest butt I have ever seen!” while pointing at me, and about twenty people looked (A. No. B. That wasn’t even my good butt jeans day. Although this one was more hilarious than anything.)
  7. That time the burrito guy at the college caf correctly identified what perfume I was wearing (although with the smell of the food, he must have had quite a nose. Props to him.)
  8. That time the security guard at Ulta told my roommate and I we were gorgeous and asked if we were sisters (We actually don’t look anything alike).

I hope these give you a good laugh to start off your Monday. Have you had any weird dating encounters? I could use a good laugh, too.

Xoxo, Taylor

PS – Because I’m currently drowning in numbers and letters (studying for finals) I’m going to be bringing in some lovely ladies for guest posts the next couple of days. So make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday for fashion, career tips, and more!



3 thoughts on “That Guy Who Thinks I’m A Blue Alien and Other Bizarre Dating Experiences

  1. Haha guys think of the weirdest things to pick up girls! Those things wiont make a girl interested in you! Just the other day an elderly man told my mom and I we had te most beautiful feet–um?? And my moms toes weren’t even painted..just odd!


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