5 thoughts on “Appiness Part 3: Get Rich

  1. I have not used any apps to work with my finances, though I do keep track of all of my expenditures, applying what I learnt in a bookkeeping course that I took in eleventh grade. So I’ve got the journals, the ledgers, and all that jazz.

    However, I have a rudimentary Excel spreadsheet that I update monthly to track my spending.

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    • I think that there’s something more real about writing things down pen and paper. I have a book where I keep track of my “fun” expenses (my parents cover food and those things and I use my summer job money to get the rest) and I find it to be really effective to hand-write it. It makes you think more about what you spend.

      Thanks for reading!



  2. Ooh I’m definitely going to give Mint a go! As a freelancer, budgeting is the bane of my life – I never know quite how long my bank balance might have to last for! I would love to get properly on top of it, this might just be the thing… thanks!


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