Trendy Tuesday: One H&M Tank, Three Ways

So I went shopping this weekend. I needed some quick updates for my spring wardrobe and H&M as usual delivered, much under budget. One of my favorites is an adorable pink sleeveless collared shirt. It’s super versatile and today I’m styling it three different ways, two of which I’ve already worn! Definitely getting my money’s worth of this $13.00 steal, which I picked up for even less at about $9.00.


Casual yet Classy


The first ensemble is perfect for everyday or for something bordering smart casual. I also bought the fitted pants, and I love them. The high waist is super flattering. The solid really pops against the pattern, and strappy but classy shoes finish it off.


Concert Attire

For this look, I wore one of my favorite pairs of white shorts, a Maurices find similar to these Aéropostale shorts, and unbuttoned the bottom of the tank and tied it down low. I didn’t show any stomach (It was tied low and I wore a cami underneath), but it gave the look a very casual, summery feel. Pair with Sperrys and a casual crossbody bag for a perfect concert look. I rocked this look this weekend for Spring Fling.


Going Out

This last look is my favorite. I transitioned my concert look for Saturday night “Girls night out” by wearing the jersey skirt high-waisted and tying the shirt again, this time tying it a little short to show just a little stomach, flirty but classy. I paired it with flats (I like these loafers better) and a moto jacket for a look that’s a little edgy but still has a touch of class.

Do you have a piece in your wardrobe that does everything? Which look is your favorite?


Xoxo, Taylor


17 thoughts on “Trendy Tuesday: One H&M Tank, Three Ways

  1. Hi Taylor – thanks for visiting and liking my post about not accepting awards. If I DID accept the awards, I planned to nominate you for the Sunshine Award 🙂 No worries, it’s only a matter of time before you get it from another blogger!

    You should think about adding your blog-site address to your gravatar picture. When I click your photo that appears when you “like” a post, I see your picture, but there is no information about how to find you. If you add your blog info, people who don’t already follow you will have a way to find you. I think you add it through the dashboard or however that gravatar thing works.

    Cheers! Sammy D at


    • Hi Sammy – that is so sweet of you! I totally understand the hesitation in accepting more awards – I’m about at that point after almost biting off more than I can chew awards-wise.

      Thank you for the tip! I need to update my gravatar; I haven’t really worked with it much. I appreciate you bringing that to my attention!



      • It’s confusing – there’s gravatar and there’s an about me widget (at least in my theme). I put my web address on both because I haven’t figured out why some readers see the gravatar and others see the about me.

        Cheers! Sammy


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