You Know What, I’m Fine Not Being Beyonce

“You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncè.”

This is one of the web’s new favorite sayings. It’s on mugs, wall prints, water bottles, phone cases…and just about everything else. The point of this quote is to make you feel motivated to do more, I think. “If Beyonce can be that in shape and raise a child and go on tour, I can get off of the couch and manually turn down the TV volume,” that sort of thing.

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While I think the point is to get you to do more, realizing that I have just as many hours in a day as Beyoncè has not convinced me to do more, but that I’m doing just enough.

In a school where everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off basically all of the time, there’s always pressure to do more. Have an extra hour every week? You should probably be volunteering somewhere. Light homework this semester? Why don’t you start a company while you have some free time? You like to sit and what? Read? How is that going to go on your resume?

The quote about Beyoncè reminds me that we all have 24 hours, and we can choose just how to spend it. I, for one, am okay with not cramming my 24 hours. There are things I enjoy that cannot go on a resume. They probably won’t get me a job. But these are some of the most important moments of my 24 hours.

I want to spend some of my 24 hours enjoying my morning, making myself a cup of tea, eating breakfast, with breakfast being more than just shoving a granola bar in my mouth on the way out of my apartment. I want to spend some of that time reading new blogs and blogging. I want to have some time free to do whatever the heck I feel like doing that day. I want to have the occasional weekend free to go visit the boyfriend. I want to have time for impromptu nights out and silly afternoons of non-productivity.

In short, I want time to live life.

Having a Beyoncè-level life involves a lot of sacrifice. I’m sure that Beyoncè doesn’t get to wake up every morning and grab a cup of coffee and read the paper, or spend hours just reading a book. And if that is what makes her – or anyone with a crazy busy life – happy, then go her! But I think I’m okay with the trade-off.

I won’t have a company by the time I’m 20 or have half the body that Beyoncè does (can anyone ever?) but I’m perfectly content with who I am and how I spend my time now, free time and all.

How do you spend your “24 hours?”


Xoxo, Taylor


PS – Check out my guest blog post today on It’s Emma Elise!





11 thoughts on “You Know What, I’m Fine Not Being Beyonce

  1. I completely agree! I mean, the mugs and posters that all say this are adorable. But, I’m really content with my life the way it is, and I don’t feel the need to be doing something or up and moving for every minute of the day.


  2. It is certainly nice to have some quiet times- just to exist- in my 24 hours. I also like big cups of tea, eating a slow breakfast, and reading. I also enjoy journaling, and playing solitaire! Life gets really hectic sometimes, but it’s nice when I have time to do these things… And I make time every day for some prayer and reflection 🙂 I don’t envy Beyonce’s schedule!


  3. This is a great post. I feel that despite my overbooked days, I still have enough time to enjoy, as some of my regularly scheduled activities are more of “me-time” things, such as services at Hillel, or bike rides for the fun of it.

    Journaling and blogging, indeed, is a way to take some time out of a busy life, and I think it is critically undervalued among most people (reflection, that is).


  4. Finally someone said it! That quote makes me cringe every time I see it! I agree, I have no desire to be Beyonce, nor would I like giving up my slow mornings where I can just relax with my coffee. I have always felt the need to be productive with my time and felt guilty when I didn’t fulfill crazy high expectations but in this past year I’ve really come to terms with the fact that I don’t enjoy being that busy. The idea of “having time to live” is so overlooked these days unfortunately.

    Oh and I spend my hours very similar to you it seems! I love to read, write, have some lazy days every now and then, and basically just try to enjoy young adulthood while I can.



    • Thanks for reading, Callie! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has felt the pressure. I’ve often felt that I wasn’t being “busy” enough, but I think at the end of the day happiness and business don’t necessarily go together for everyone.


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