Weekly Wishes

Hey there! As you may have noticed, I didn’t post yesterday…or do anything else productive. This weekend was Penn’s “Spring Fling,” which means basically all of campus took a weekend off to enjoy the sunshine, music, and deep fried oreos. I saw Magic Man, Ra Ra Riot, and David Guetta live – it was a pretty great concert.

(Maybe it’s just an American thing, or a Taylor thing, but I don’t really understand DJs. Like Guetta was awesome, but how is that a talent? No offense to any budding DJs out there, but it’s just a weird concept to go to a concert and see a guy sitting behind a giant booth with his MacBook pressing buttons. Regardless, it was awesome, so I’m not going to criticize.)

After my weekend of fun, it’s time to get back to the real world unfortunately. I’m linking up with Weekly Wishes at The Nectar Collective because I have some things I need to get done this week and I think it might just take pixie dust and fairy grandmothers to make it happen.

1. Catch up on all of my academics. It has probably been a good week since I actually sat down and worked for an extended period of time. With two papers, two problem sets, and reading for this week, I’ve got my work cut out for me. Springtime and springtime weather has made it even harder to focus, as I want to just lay outside and soak up the sunshine. Might have to start doing homework outside. Maybe that will help.

2. Disconnect. I’m amazed at the attention that my post about my brief social media hiatus received. It seems like we all know we need a little less technology in our lives, but when it comes to acting that out, it’s much, much harder said than done. I love blogging and thinking about blogging and talking to other bloggers and all things blog, but I also have other responsibilities and things to do. I’m going to attempt this week to keep my social media/blog/tech usage to a more reasonable level.

3. De-stress. I’ve been really high-strung these last few weeks, and I’m not really sure why. Probably because I’ve been blogging instead of doing work and then stressing about the work I’m not doing…not really the best strategy. I’m hoping that completing the first two tasks above will let me relax a little. Right in the last few weeks before finals is not really time for my anxiety to come back in full force.

What are your weekly wishes? I love to hear from all of you.

Xoxo, Taylor

The Nectar Collective

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes

  1. Wishing for the same things, sistah!
    Gotta catch up on academics, first and foremost, which means (sadly) that the tech connection has got to get itself disconnected.
    Almost hoping for terrible weather so I have no excuse to not tackle my books!



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