Love Languages: What’s Yours?

I’ve been taking a lot of Buzzfeed quizzes lately. I’ve found out what kind of butt I deserve (a good butt, it said), who I was in a past life (an actor? okay?), and which Amy Poehler I am (Noooo not Mean Girls Amy! Noooo!). But after rediscovering the Love Languages Quiz on Love and Waffles, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a quiz that actually had some relevance to my life.

The quiz asks you about your preferences on how you receive love, and then ranks them. The highest score is your preferred love language, or how you best receive and understand love.

Here were my results:

Five Love Languages Scores

Mine is completely spot-on. I’m a very social person, and I’m always organizing coffee dates and movie nights with friends. I like when the phones are put away and I can just enjoy the company of someone I’m close to. I feel happiest when traveling with the boyfriend, jamming in the car with the windows down with the roommates, or playing cards with the family.

Love Language Quality Time

My ties for second are pretty accurate, too. I’m such a hugger. This runs in the family, where both my aunt and mother are known for never taking “no” for an answer when it comes to a hug. Words of affirmation are big for me too. My bulletin board behind my desk is filled with not pictures, but sweet notes from dear friends, family, and the boyfriend.

Love Languages Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation

This took about five-ish minutes, and was pretty accurate. I’m planning on making the boyfriend take it, and we’ll see what he gets. His top love language would probably be “loves Aaron Rodgers as much as I do,” if that were an option. (kidding)

If you have a chance, take the quiz. You might learn something about yourself and how to give and receive more love. And what could be bad about that?

Have you taken the quiz? Was it accurate? If you haven’t, find it here.

Xoxo, Taylor


4 thoughts on “Love Languages: What’s Yours?

      • Thanks, I was an idiot in looking for it. I got, indeed, Quality Time as my primary language with 10, and Physical Touch with 7. There were 6 each from Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service, and 1 from Gifts.

        The high score on Physical Touch somewhat surprises me, as I don’t always appreciate contact as an Aspie.


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