Trendy Tuesday: Can Leggings Be Pants?

From see-through to too-tight, leggings, while so comfortable, can be a fashion disaster for even the most put-together of us. What used to be the skirt-legging look has now evolved into the shirt-legging look, which begs the question: are leggings pants? Can they ever be pants?

I’ve decided to put together an easy-to-use flowchart to show you exactly when leggings are and are not appropriate to wear as pants.


leggings-not-pants flowchart

But in all seriousness, there are times where you can wear leggings as pants and times you cannot. Times you can are when:

  • The leggings are not see-through. The last thing you need is everyone seeing all of your business every time you bend over or the sun shines on you.
  • You have appropriate undergarments. Some leggings aren’t see-through but show panty lines. Wear appropriate underwear as to avoid this awkwardness. Victoria’s Secret has come out with a new line of “cheeky” underwear which are supposed to hide panty lines while still being more comfy than stringy alternatives.
  • They actually make your butt look good. Some leggings, depending on the material and the shape of your butt, actually make your backside look flat (see “pancake 😦 ” above). There is no sense in wearing such leggings as pants, as they aren’t flattering. Avoid.
  • The occasion is appropriate. Leggings may function as pants sometimes, but they are NEVER dress pants. Ever. A tunic and leggings can be trendy, but leggings are meant to be casual, not business casual.

What are your thoughts on the leggings v. pants debate?

Xoxo, Taylor

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