There’s No Time Like the Future

Do you ever wish your life had DVR?

You could fast forward to the good parts, rewind whenever you wanted, instant replay the amazing moments as many times as you wished, and never have to miss a good part because you were in the bathroom?

I know sometimes I do.

Lately I’ve been dealing with what is commonly known as “the sophomore slump.” College isn’t as new and shiny and exciting as it was as a freshman, but it isn’t quite winding down yet, either. It’s been difficult to find any real motivation to do my schoolwork, and I’m already counting down the days until summer (one month, six days, no big deal).

Sometimes I find myself wanting to skip forward to summer, or even skip forward to graduation. I want to fast forward to some notion of certainty in my life. Right now, college is a state of limbo, and sometimes I want tangibility. I want to know where I’m living, what I’m doing, whether or not I’ll make a good adult. I tried pointing my TV remote at myself last night and pressing all of the buttons, but I don’t think it worked (unless after graduation I’m still living in a college dorm….ouch).

This feeling makes me think back to the other times I’ve really wished I could fast forward. One of them was at the beginning of the semester. My boyfriend went abroad this semester to study, and at the beginning, I knew it would be really hard. I wished desperately that we could just skip over the whole thing, press the fast-forward button and be done with it. Or eternally press “pause” on Winter Break.

But little did I know that this semester would be amazing.

Yes, the distance has been difficult, as I expected it would be. But had I fast-forwarded, I would have missed out on so many amazing moments. I’ve had endless nights out with friends. I’ve laughed until I’ve cried. I’ve honed my cooking skills. I’ve taken my blogging to a new level and met other amazing bloggers. And I had the adventure of my life in London and Paris.

It’s things like these that remind me that we should never hope to fast-forward through life. There are so many beautiful and tragic and wonderful moments in life and we never know when they might happen. This semester has been simultaneously a “sophomore slump” but a huge period of personal growth. And I would have never experienced any of it had I had my way and been able to fast-forward.

When have you wanted to fast-forward? Looking back, would it have been worth it to?

Xoxo, Taylor


4 thoughts on “There’s No Time Like the Future

  1. I love this post Taylor! I’m definitely in a “sophomore slump” right now also! I want nothing more than to graduate tomorrow, but at the same time I don’t want to miss out on what the next two years is going to bring! It’s a weird state of mind, but you articulate it well! Awesome post!


    • It is so difficult to manage the two conflicting feelings! I want to stay a college kid while starting the rest of my life. Unfortunately we can’t do both…so we’ll just have to make the most of what we have now. 🙂

      Thank you for reading!



  2. This was a great post. Indeed, sometimes the desire to “fast forward” through the boring or mundane parts of life precludes the idea that something exciting might happen through those.

    This can even happen if wanting, say, to fast-forward through a lecture. A single tidbit in a lecture could be something that you are waiting for without even knowing it!


  3. Don’t wish for fast forward – that will happen all too soon. There are times I would love to be back at university, each day now passes with such rapidity that it is often quite overwhelming.


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