Spring Beauty Picks

Springtime is finally (sort of) here! That means it’s time for brighter colors, trading pants for capris, and some updates to your beauty arsenal (is that not what springtime means?). Today I’m sharing a couple of my new favorites.

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria, 2.5 oz

I actually got super lucky and as part of what was an amazing Tuesday, won this last night at an info session for Macy’s here on campus. It’s floral and fresh, reminiscent of cherry blossoms, with just a tinge of musk. I also won the original CK Euphoria, and while that is delicious too, this seems like the perfect spring fragrance. Also, does anyone else want to smell like this girl, frolicking through flowers and being with this super hot guy? Yeah. I thought so.


Pureology Precious Oil, 4.20z
Ulta Stores or any Pureology Retailer
(I have the smaller size pictured below, at $11.00)


Pureology Precious Oil

Are you wondering how to get salon-soft hair at home? Well, this is it. This stuff is like liquid gold. It’s like a Moroccan or Argon oil. Just a drop or two will do, and your hair will be silkier, more tame, and shinier. It’s like magic.


Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer
Ulta.com or any drugstore

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Spring means almost summer, which means almost tan time. I’m a fan of the airbrush tan, but ain’t nobody got the time or the money to keep up on that all of the time. That’s why I love this self-tanning lotion from Jergens. I usually hate self-tanners. They’re orange-y, they are splotchy, and if you miss a spot, it’s horribly obvious. Not the case with this. It’s super subtle, which means you can put it on every day and build up the color, or put it on less often for a more subtle glow. It also actually does moisturize your skin well. And it doesn’t have that gross self-tanner smell.


OPI Nail Lacquer in Cajun Shrimp
Ulta.com or other OPI retailers

OPI Nail Polish in Cajun Shrimp

Nails are my favorite way to update your look for the change in season, even if the weather won’t let you update your wardrobe yet. I love this shade from OPI. It comes out like a coral with a hint of orange, which is super fun on fingers or toes. I love overlaying it with an orange or pink glitter for a look with more pizzazz.

As I sit here in rainy, gross Philadelphia weather, I hope that springtime comes out of hiding soon. I guess as they say, “April showers bring May flowers.” Hopefully they bring some sunshine, too.

What are your favorite beauty picks for spring? I’m always looking to try something new.


Xoxo, Taylor

photo credit:Ā theimpulsivebuy, used under license.
…love Maegan, used under license.

6 thoughts on “Spring Beauty Picks

  1. I love OPI Cajun Shrimp! Cutest color! I have always been nervous to try self tanner but I really want to add some color to my skin. I will definitely have to check the Jergens out!


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