Looking Like Me

I was disturbed this weekend when I was skimming through Buzzfeed (#productive) and saw a story about a woman who has gotten over $20,000 worth of surgeries so that she can look more like Jennifer Lawrence. I mean, I love JLaw too…but what?

I cannot imagine wanting to look like anyone else in the world but myself.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people whose looks I can admire. Would I scoff at having Michelle Obama’s arms? No. Would I complain about having Jillian Michaels’ abs? No. Would I complain if I had Beyoncè’s everything-from-the-neck down? Are you crazy?! Absolutely not. But would I want Michelle’s face and body or anyone else’s? No.

I’ve definitely had moments, especially in those frustrating early teenage years, where I just wanted to be cuter. I wanted to be one of those seemingly gorgeous, effortless, popular girls. But even then, I knew that what I wanted was not to be them in full, but to just be a more gorgeous, more effortless version of myself.

Today, having exited that horribly awkward time of life, I have a much greater sense of self. Still now, I would never want to look like anyone else.

I get up every morning and look in the mirror, and I know that although what I see is sometimes a little tired, a little smudgy with makeup I didn’t quite take off the day before, or a little imperfect, what I see in the mirror is me. It’s the same face in the photos of my childhood, it’s the same face I’ll have into the future.

Although I currently have no desire for any cosmetic surgery, I can understand having a nose job or chin implants or all sorts of those procedures, should you decide you want them. But I cannot understand wanting to look like someone else in full.

Who knows. At some point in the future I might chop off my hair and dye it brown. I might decide to only wear black eye makeup and get twenty ear piercings. But at least at the end of the day I’d look in the mirror and still know that under everything, I see me. Not Jennifer Lawrence, not anyone else.

I think the most curious part of the story for me is that this woman has a daughter. How do you explain to your child why you’ve gotten $20,000 of plastic surgery to look like someone else while encouraging her to be herself? Interesting.

How do you feel about the Jennifer Lawrence look-alike? Do you feel that your face is part of who you are, or is it of less importance to you?

Have a wonderful Monday!



7 thoughts on “Looking Like Me

  1. Being a man, the idea of plastic surgery for any reason other than legitimate medical concern holds zero appeal to me.
    I am not a big fan of people changing themselves physically to attempt to look like someone else. I think that many celebrities are poor role models, and a physical change could also impose a mental change, which may lead them astray.


    • I agree. I think that changing yourself on the outside does not change what’s on the inside, and some people believe that by getting surgery, they’ll be more “Jennifer Lawrence.” No matter how much you look different, you’re still the same person and you have to learn to manage that.

      Thank you for reading!



  2. I am sure I am decades older than you–so here’s a voice from your future–you’re right! As I’ve aged, I so much more appreciate the unusual, the quirky–and so much less appreciate the cookie cutter, less than original imitations. Keep your own inimitable style . . .


  3. I read about this on buzzfeed as well and my first thought when I read the title was is this woman crazy? I understand the want to be more like someone else and to feel more beautiful, but does that really require $20,000 and the face of Jennifer Lawrence? She is teaching her daughter that it is ok to not like the way your face looks, even if she says she isn’t, by changing her appearance. I myself have wanted to get plastic surgery because I don’t like the way my body looks, but I would never go to a plastic surgeon to have them redo my face. A person’s face is unique and gorgeous in it’s own way, why change it so much. Great post and I’m glad to know I’m not the only person out there who thought this woman was a tad bit on the crazy side!!!


    • Thank you! Yes, I was completely shocked when I read it. I think it’s not the best message to be giving your daughter. I suppose people will do what they want but at the end of the day I’d rather just be me!

      Thank you for reading!



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