End-of-Semester Resolutions

The end of the semester is approaching…and I couldn’t be happier. Sophomore year has been amazing, but it’s about time for some sunshine and three months of no academia whatsoever. While my inclination currently is to collapse into a heap on my bed and have someone deliver me Shake Shack periodically while I watch House of Cards, I think I should probably finish strong. Lists are a good way to feel productive without moving from my chair (more about this here) and so I’ve put together a list of my resolutions for finishing out the semester.

1. Go back to the gym.
When I go to the gym, I think, “I feel awesome! How could my day ever be complete without going to the gym? I have so much energy, etc, etc.” And then somehow I miraculously forget about this and start getting cozy with my other friend whose name is Starbucks Caramel Flan Frappuccino. Not a good plan. Summer is coming up, and I know I’ll feel ten times better about me and my shorts if I get back to the treadmill. Even if I just walk. Even if I just walk TO the gym and back. Seriously.

2. Unplug for awhile.
Recently, I’ve been glued to my laptop and my phone. Between this blog and my personal social networking, I’m always messaging someone, checking notifications, reading other bloggers’ work, or flipping through my news feed. As much as I love love love working on this blog and doing the social networking thing, I’ve started feeling recently like it’s becoming too much. My plan for this weekend is to take a couple of hours even and completely unplug. I’ll find some homework that doesn’t require me to use my computer, and give myself some time to just be. No Facebook. No Snapchat. No Twitter. No blog. Yes, it will do me some good. No, I won’t die.

3. Don’t slip academically.
Right now, academics are kind of the last thing on my mind. I’m already looking forward to Guetta coming to Penn (Yes, the man himself!), sunshine and warm weather, my summer job(s) and spending time with family, friends, and the boyfriend. I’m not thinking about Excel spreadsheets or nonlinear regression or intellectual property law. But I need to be. I’ve had a good semester grade-wise and the last thing I want now is to undo it. Unsure as of now how I’m going to motivate myself to get moving but I’ll have to find some way. Preferably a method that doesn’t involve food (I’m open to suggestions).

4. Spend smart.
It’s easy to get caught up in end-of-year events, parties, and other assorted fun, and to forget about your wallet. I don’t know how much I’ll be making this summer (if anything) and so I should probably be forward thinking and save where I can. This is harder said than done, as I live near some of the best restaurants on campus. And Starbucks is right outside my door. Why Caramel Flan Frappuccino? Why do you ruin so many things?

Are you still keeping any of your New Years’ resolutions? Have you made your own for the coming weeks/months?



5 thoughts on “End-of-Semester Resolutions

  1. I think that #2 is perhaps the most important. With how plugged in people are all the time, it is hard to find times in which to unplug. Finding those boundaries is important.

    Whenever I am in social situations, I attempt to be completely unplugged. Even if I have my phone in my pocket (for security reasons), I will ignore it when around others.


  2. I never used to be able to keep those sort of resolutions until I figured out I was trying to do these things for because others thought I should. So I started making a list of what I really need to do – strangely even though it has been hard at times I’ve managed to be fairly successful in sticking with them.

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