Trendy Tuesday: Am I Elle Woods?

I finally watched Legally Blonde on my plane trip to London a couple of weeks ago, amidst much criticism that I’d never seen it. A family member has always joked that I can be a little Elle-Wood-sey; sometimes I can be a little bit of a ditz, sometimes I’m a little bit of a diva.

But where I think we actually could relate most is on our fashion sense.

Let’s start out by setting the record straight: I don’t dress like Elle Woods. I don’t wear hot pink sweatsuits or obnoxiously-colored blazers for “business formal.”

What I can relate to is the feeling when she pulled up to Harvard’s campus in her hot pink jacket…and was greeted by a sea of neutrals.

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

I think it’s actually an East Coast thing. When I first arrived at Penn, I was (and am) still confused by the lack of color in everyone’s wardrobes. During winter, everyone is wearing maroon, navy blue, brown, hunter green, or black. It’s literally like stepping into an American Apparel store. During spring, people still tend to favor solids, subtle patterns, and muted colors over neons and loud patterns.

As I watched Elle Woods step out of her car and catch the eye of literally every person at Harvard, I felt like I could relate. No one sent me the memo that “loud” wasn’t a thing. I know I’ve always had a bit of a quirky sense of style, but I had no idea that colors were off limits.

I am all about color.

Black floral jacket from Candies', Kohl's

I’m a huge fan of this floral jacket, a lucky clearance pick-up at Kohl’s. I can dress it up with a dress and flats or down with a cami and jeans. I think it’s fun and spring-y.


Zebra print tunic

I found this zebra-print tunic over Christmas while at a boutique back home. I love the off-the-shoulder straps, and it’s a flattering fit. I usually pair it with a chunky black belt, black skinny jeans, and black ankle boots.


Black Patterned Dress, Macy's

I found this dress at Macy’s. I am in love with their junior’s line Material Girl by Madonna. The pieces are fun and a little edgy. I wear this dress with a black moto jacket, tights, and black knee-high leather boots. It’s tight on the top and flowy at the bottom, perfect for someone who’s a little pear-shaped, like me. Definitely a going-out outfit, but with a pop of color.


Multicolored String-Shouldered Top

This shirt was another boutique find from back home. The ruching makes the bottom tight-ish but flattering, and I think the shoulders and pattern are just fun. I haven’t worn it much at Penn, however, as I’m afraid people will just think I fell asleep with a pack of highlighters. 😦 I don’t know if Penn is ready for this much color. I like wearing this in summer with a pair of denim capris and flip-flops; it looks good with a tan.


This is just a small sampling of my colorful wardrobe, which also includes studs, gems, and sequins galore. Have you ever felt like your fashion was out of place? Am I right about East Coast style?

3 thoughts on “Trendy Tuesday: Am I Elle Woods?

  1. Interesting. I seem to be a fan of “loud” clothing, in particular Hawai’i-style button-down shirts. They came into my style after I received one as a gift from my seventh-grade science teacher.

    Yet, I am not fashion-conscious at all–I break “rules” on what not to wear all the time when in non-professional situations.


  2. I like a strong colour over a neutral or black background but must admit am a little preppy in my attitude to style and cut – old habits die hard. However I am a fan of the fabulous shoe with matching bag.


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