5 “Productive” Things To Do Instead of Studying for Midterms

Coming back from spring break has been a rude awakening. While I’m ready to drive around with the windows down and jam out, the reality is that I am still one midterm, two papers, and four finals away from summer. Ew. Anyone else feel me?

So in an effort to avoid preparing for any of those things, I’ve compiled a list of things you can do instead of studying, that somehow make you feel accomplished. You’re welcome.

1. Go online swimsuit shopping.

It’s almost summer, which means it’s almost swimsuit season! If you didn’t already for spring break, now is an awesome time to find a good swimsuit for the summer (or at least that’s what you can tell yourself when you’re supposed to be studying). I’ve been looking at asos.com as well as Victoria’s Secret. Guys, you can always look for a pair of good trunks (less exciting, I know) or find that pair of sunglasses.

2. Clean out all of your emails.

If you’re a college student, you probably receive about five million a day from every student group, university department, and online store you’ve ever shopped at. God forbid you once searched for men’s ties once on Amazon.com because you were wondering how expensive they were… your inbox is now probably full of fifty emails with price updates on ties. Deleting old emails and putting others in superfluous folders makes you feel like you’re getting something done. You’re organizing your life and getting on top of things. And now you can find all of your online shopping emails in one folder called “online shopping.” Look how responsible and organized you are.

3. Make a to-do list. Include really easy things to do.

When I have no motivation to do anything, creating a to-do list gives me the illusion of having done something, when I’ve really just compiled all of the things I’m avoiding doing in one place. But if you add things that are easy to do, you quickly feel accomplished. “Move all of my dirty clothes from my desk to my bed? Done! Looks like it’s time for a break.” Make a simple to-do list and cross some stuff off. So productive.

4. If your birthday is coming up soon, make a wishlist of things you want.

There’s nothing harder to answer than the question, “What do you want for your birthday?” Why give a bad answer when you can whip out a list of things you’ve found online? Right? (Is that rude?) Parents and family members want to know, and so this is a crucial task that must be done at some point. Why not when you’re staring out the window, trying to not focus on all of your upcoming exams?

5. Add lots of pins to your Pinterest “workout board.”

What’s almost as good as working out? Making a list of workouts! (Are you seeing a theme here of lists?) Update your Pinterest board with lots of new workouts, gym clothes, and inspirational quotes, and you’ll feel like you’ve really contributed to your overall health and well-being. And you have, because your soul hasn’t been slowly dying from trying to study for some subject you have literally no interest in.

How do you cope with exam studying? Do you have any favorite procrastination techniques? Comment below!




7 thoughts on “5 “Productive” Things To Do Instead of Studying for Midterms

  1. I should delicately mention that I am avoiding grading 45 essays at the moment while reading and laughing at this post. I feel oddly productive, having spent several minutes reflecting on your good suggestions. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As the queen of procrastination I hereby raise you to Lady of the realm for you assiduous attention to the art of procrastination and you effort in spreading the word to strengthen our numbers. Well done – I’d have drafted a formal scroll on parchment but I was checking out the on-line swimsuits – didn’t think you’d mind.


    • I don’t mind at all. Heaven forbid we do something productive! I accept my title and the duties of procrastination that accompany it. I’m honored. 🙂

      Thank you for reading!



      • I would have had a ceremony to mark the occasion but I was sidetracked by something really not at all important but it was interesting so therefore worthwhile. 🙂


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