Curious Taylor Goes to London (And Paris, too!)

Hi lovely readers,

I’m excited to announce that I will be off the blogging grid for a week or so…because I’m going to London for spring break! I’ve never been to Europe at all, so I’m looking forward to the sights and to experiencing a completely new continent. I’m also hitting Paris, thanks to the boyfriend, who’s taking us there for our anniversary/belated Valentine’s Day (best gift ever, no?).

I’ll miss blogging while I’m gone but I probably won’t have enough time to sleep or rest, much less blog! I’ll be too busy taking in everything during my trip. But I look forward to telling you all about it when I return.

If you’ve been to either place, I’d love to hear your recommendations for food and places to visit (but mainly good food, let’s be honest).

I’ll probably be back to blogging daily by Monday the 17th or Tuesday the 18th, depending on how jet-lagged I am and all. But don’t worry, you’ll see me soon.

Until then, have a wonderful week and spring break if that’s where you’re headed, and please share good food recommendations below. I’m serious.




8 thoughts on “Curious Taylor Goes to London (And Paris, too!)

  1. Only hint is when dealing with Parisians. Even if you can’t speak french say hello and introduce yourself in French and then ask if they speak English please. If you go in with English straight away half the time even if they do speak English they will pretend not to. Plus they will be more helpful in telling you where the best places to eat etc are So:

    Bonjour (if day) Bonsoir (if evening), – Je m’aplle *insert name* – parle vous anglais sil vous plait. (fairly sure the Je m’apple and the rest is spelt incorrectly – much easier to read french than write it – but it is how you pronounce it)


  2. That is great advice to have. My boyfriend speaks a little French so we’ll definitely try to use it where we can. Thankfully one of my roommates is French so he’s been able to give us a lot of insider hints on where to go. 🙂


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