The Story of My Journey as a Blogger, Told Through Irrelevant Images


Socrates – philosopher and all-around cool guy

When I first started blogging, I thought I was Socrates. Whether or not I wanted to admit it, I felt like I had some sort of deep wisdom to share with the world. I began constructing posts that I thought were “new,” “different,” and “deep.” I was sure that the minute people read what I had to say, my WordPress stats would shoot through the roof, and I’d be an insta-share on Facebook.

Forever Alone Meme


Soon, I began to realize that I was sorely mistaken. Somehow I was out there in the blogosphere, waiting to be discovered, but nothing was happening. I didn’t understand how I could be doing good work and still feel so alone, especially when billions of people were reading blogs daily.

Richard Simmons GIF

Do you like my blue ensemble?

So, determined to turn the tide, I started building my blogging muscles. I completely streamlined my blog layout, gave it a proper name, started blogging every day, sharing my work on Facebook with my friends, and putting more consideration and thought into my writing. My traffic went up, I started gaining followers, I started making blogger friends, and I lost twenty pounds! (Kidding; unfortunately blogging isn’t as aerobic as you might think.)

Solange Knowles

…oh, Beyonce? You really gonna ask me another question about Beyonce?

Despite all of this work, I still wasn’t having the success I’d hoped for. I felt like I was Solange Knowles, sitting on the side while the Beyonces of the world gained internet fame. The worst part was that I felt like I was publishing real content, while I felt like many of the superstar bloggers could post a caesar salad recipe they found in the back of a magazine and get 10,000 likes. I knew it was supposed to be about my writing, not about my popularity, but I still felt the sting.

Edvard Munch's The Scream

This was during my “minimalist” hairstyle phase

I realized at this point that I had two options. I could either chill and let the views come as they may, or I could take this blogging thing seriously and begin marketing myself (I am studying marketing, after all). The second one seemed more appealing, but I was scared that once I began marketing my blog and making a name for myself, it still wouldn’t work. I was worried that in all actuality it wasn’t lack of exposure but that my writing wasn’t any good. So while waking along a boardwalk I clasped my hands to the sides of my yellow light-bulb-shaped head and yelled, “Oh no! Whatever shall I do?”

Used Car Salesman

…er, I meant blog. Sorry.

So what did I decide? I decided to go out on a limb and take it seriously. I’m so excited about the changes that will be coming to Pinstripes&Lipgloss in the near future. You’ll soon be able to find me on Twitter and Pinterest, and I’m going to hopefully make some visual changes to my site too.

Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street

…because, let’s be honest, there wasn’t a single successful, independent woman in this movie.

Someday, I hope this will be me, drinking the wine of success on my proverbial yacht somewhere out in the deep oceans of the interwebs. But for now I’m going to keep blogging tirelessly, because it really is what I love. Thank you all for reading!

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4 thoughts on “The Story of My Journey as a Blogger, Told Through Irrelevant Images

  1. Reblogged this on COM424 New Communication Technologies and commented:
    This is the blog Taylor Yates, who is an 18-year-old marketing major at Wharton Business School (Penn). Notice how she makes it both playful and relevant, and uses it to demonstrate her understanding of marketing and new media. She develops a unique voice, uses images to reinforce her message, and writes very well!


  2. Cool discussion. I’m trying to build my own blog up to more views and visits a month so we can get our writing out there. Thanks for the walkthrough of your own timeline!

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    • Thank you for reading! It’s certainly a hard path to gain notoriety in the blogging world but I think it’s a journey worth taking. Good luck with your own blog!



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