I’ll Never Be a Pinterest Queen

With the same fervor that was awarded the release of Twilight, I had for some time been accosted by every one of my friends about getting a Pinterest account. “It has everything,” they said. “It’s addicting,” they said. As sadly these weak and nebulous claims were somehow enough to convince me of its merits, I got an account. The first time I used my Pinterest, I didn’t know where to start, so I began searching for clothes. I made a board for my favorite fashions, and began pinning stuff.

I found after awhile, however, that pinning clothes was just depressing. There were only so many times I could add new pieces to my collections of things I couldn’t afford anytime in the near future or things I’d physically never be able to wear (I will never be able to wear a maxidress – short people problems) before I’d had enough. I wasn’t much into finding recipes or other things, as I’m more of an instant-gratification kind of girl, and so looking at the recipe and imagining 1) going to the store and finding the ingredients 2) attempting to follow the directions while inevitably spilling something and mis-measuring at least once 3) having my efforts turn out disappointingly unlike the picture, was even less fun than pinning $10,000 white tee shirts onto a virtual bulletin board.

Defeated, I left Pinterest for a time.

Recently, a friend revived my interest when she told me to take a look at her “wedding” board. Weddings seem like inevitable events (or at least you hope so), and so I felt some sense that if I pinned something onto my wedding board, I’d be able to get someone to pay for it someday. Suddenly hooked, I spent two hours sifting through her well-compiled wedding board and repinning my favorites onto my own board, then a couple hours searching out more pins from across the Pinterest interwebs to add to my collection. I was pinning dresses, rings, and tons of DIY crafty things.

This inspired me to add to my workout board, as well. I searched out good workouts and pinned them to my fitness board, and my “I want to try this” hair and makeup board now has a whole nine pins on it.

Upon looking at my boards, however, I realized something: I’ve had a Pinterest for over a year, and I have never once tried any of these things. Okay, maybe I tried one of the workouts once, but that’s about it. While I love all of the cool ideas you can find on the site, the problem with Pinterest is that it gives me a false sense of achievement. I pin a “make your own organic gluten-free vegan granola” pin to my board, and suddenly, I believe I’m a health nut. Let’s be realistic: Am I really going to have time to sew my own bridesmaid dresses out of old doilies and thrift store jewelry? Am I really going to ever learn how to do a double-French-braid-half-twist-ponytail-updo any time in the near future? No. No, I am not.

And then I remember why I was probably bad at Pinterest the first time. It’s not so fun if you are just making a list of things you’ll probably never do. I don’t know how to sew, and I’m not great with crafts. Someday, I’ll have the time to bake some double-chocolate Bailey’s brownies or to make myself a custom wedding dress, but for now I think I’ll stick with the wedding pins and the things I might actually do. Those I can dream about guilt-free. I’ve concluded that I don’t think I’ll ever be a Pinterest Queen. The weight of my Drama Queen crown is much too heavy as it is.



6 thoughts on “I’ll Never Be a Pinterest Queen

  1. Standing ovation …. that place just makes me uncomfortable for some reason … all those people who are so ‘handy’ at so many different things. I can write about almost any topic you throw my way as long as you don’t expect practical application of the material (doilies to bridesmaid dresses indeed – WHO does that – REALLY). As for the Drama Queen crown – wear it proudly as you are probably a great deal more interesting than a Pinterest Queen. Jen 🙂


    • I know! I like Pinterest, I really do, but I have no idea how anyone has enough time to do the things on the site. I think they’re all cool ideas, but I would never have the patience or the spare time to carry them out.

      Thank you for reading!



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  3. I feel like Pinterest is just a fun way for me to pretend and live in a fantasy world in which I actually do all of these things and wear all these cute outfits, and have all these amazing weddings… hahaha. Oh well, it’s nice to pretend. I think part of what appeals people to Pinterest is the picture aspect of it. We live in a culture that love visual stimulation.


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