Fashion Tips from Tiny Taylor

I am a self-titled diva. I’ll admit it. I love shopping, clothes, shoes, handbags….you name it. After looking through some old family photos the other day, I realized that I’ve always been a diva. I’ve been accessorizing and styling it up ever since I was little. You’re probably wondering, “How did she know at such a young age how to dress so well? How did she learn how to perfectly accessorize?” Don’t worry, I think it’s never too late to learn. So read on and enjoy some fashion tips from tiny Taylor.

1. Don’t be afraid to go out of the box with your hairstyles.


Change it up often for a myriad of different looks.


2. For that extra “oomph,” try adding a hat. They’re always in style.


Especially if you can find that hat that perfectly matches your outfit.


Non-traditional hats are okay too. All the models are doing it these days.


3. To stand out in the crowd, try an accessory that showcases your heritage.


(I’m from the West, couldn’t you tell?)

4. When it comes to makeup, less is more.


Unless you’re a witch. Then black lipstick is only appropriate.


5. Sunglasses aren’t just for the sun. Wear them anytime you need to look insanely cooler than everyone else in the room.


Don’t limit yourself to just the typical shapes.


Try the hat-sunglasses combo for a real head-turner.


6. There is NO such thing as too many accessories.


And don’t let anyone tell you differently.



7. There is nothing wrong with an accessory that’s both stylish AND useful. That’s a bonus.


Especially when that accessory is cake, amirite?


8. Duckfacing is totally okay if you’re totes perf. Flaunt it if you’ve got it.


Lastly… when people ask you why you’ve chosen the diva life, throw up your hand and say, “I DO WHAT I WANT. Now fetch me my matching earrings.”



3 thoughts on “Fashion Tips from Tiny Taylor

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