Day Three: Finding Hemo’s (and other stuff too)

Day Three found us much on the go. With a crazy morning of errands, a coffee date, more errands, and packing, we didn’t end up having a ton of time to sit and eat. Upon a recommendation from my Wyoming Pennpal, we decided to abandon our previous plans of going to Han Dynasty (one of my favorites!) in favor of trying out what is supposedly one of the best food trucks on campus: Hemo’s.

From what I learned from the newspaper article hanging on Hemo’s food truck, Hemo is a bit of a Philly legend. He’s known to remember orders and names, and for his Hemo’s sauce, the recipe for which he keeps a secret. We were told by Chris that the classic is the grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, peppers, onions, mushrooms, Hemo’s sauce, and hot sauce. Mom and I decided to forgo the hot sauce and test out Hemo’s legendary sandwich.

Chicken sandwich

I’m not usually a huge hoagie/cheesesteak fan. Often they are messy, greasy, and just too over the top. I see now, however, why Hemo’s is a campus favorite. Everything about the chicken sandwich was fresh. The chicken was tender, the vegetables were actually crisp, and the sauce, although unidentifiable, definitely lived up to its legacy. It tasted like something like a mayo crossed with lemon…doesn’t even matter. It was good. The hoagie bun was great too, nice and squishy and fresh. (I love bread. It’s basically why I eat sandwiches.)

Later that afternoon, we were craving something sweet and refreshing to counteract the warm day. Mom decided she wanted to try out “that fruit place over there.” Little did she know she was suggesting Fruit Lady, one of my all-time guilty pleasures around campus.

Fruit Stand

There are many fruit trucks around campus but this one is my personal favorite. The woman who owns it (lovingly called “Fruit Lady” by most) always has a huge selection of good-quality fresh fruit, which she either assembles into fruit salads or smoothies. The fruit salad portions are huge and well worth the money. While a small carton of blueberries costs $3 at FroGro, you can get a good half-pound of assorted fruit of your choice for about $5, and it’s probably fresher than what you’d find at FroGro anyway.


This day, we settled on smoothies. The best part about her smoothies is that they’re just solid fruit: no yogurt, no sugar. I had a strawberry blackberry banana pineapple smoothie, which was awesome. It was about meal-size and tasted incredibly fresh. It was my first time trying a smoothie instead of fruit salad but I became a serious fan.

While the smoothies certainly filled us up, dinner time came and again we were presented with the question of what to have. Luckily the options in Philadelphia are endless.

After finishing an (unsuccessful) shopping venture at Macy’s downtown, we decided to wing it and try something completely random. We chose the first restaurant that wasn’t an Irish pub, which ended up being a cute little French cafe called Caribou Cafe.


The atmosphere was cute and classy, and the food was even better. The French onion soup was to die for, with super thick bread and lots and lots of cheese, but not too much.

French Onion Soup

I had the “French favorite cut of meat” (I had to ask what that was exactly), and that was okay. The meat was pretty tender, but the flavor wasn’t anything to die for. The tomato on the side was actually my favorite part. It was baked and filled with a garlic breadcrumb stuffing which was so good.

Mom’s salad was some sort of cornbread short-rib dumpling over salad, which looked pretty and despite sounding super-weird, was actually good. The balsamic dressing was excellent.


Overall though, really good. The dessert was my favorite part. We asked about the favorites, and were directed to the creme brulee (classic) and the bread pudding. But not just any bread pudding. White chocolate butterscotch bread pudding. OMG.


Both were amazing. I have to say that the bread pudding, however, won out. It was perfectly sweet and really moist, avoiding the dry-bread-and-raisins of many bread puddings.


Overall, day three was excellent. Thank goodness day four saw little in the way of food. I don’t think me – or my stomach – could handle it!


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