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So, Mom’s in town this week to help move me out. Which means that I am officially liberated from UPenn dining hall food forever. Yay. When the Yates family travels, good food is a must, and so I’ve been introducing Mom to some of my favorite spots on campus. Tonight we branched out in search of a “good steak,” something that in Wyoming you can find on just about every street corner, but that is a little more rare (no pun intended!) in Philadelphia. After skimming Yelp’s selection of Philly steakhouses and eliminating everything with a dress code that wasn’t “casual,” we settled upon FridaySaturdaySunday, a Yelp 4-star steak place down on Rittenhouse Square.

I was, of course, skeptical at first, as I am usually of anything found online. Walking into the restaurant, I was two parts skeptical and one part “who decorated this place?” The restaurant is nothing short of “eclectic;” small, intimate settings are arranged at tables  in what looks like an old townhouse. The themes appear to be “purple,” “Christmas lights,” and “mirrors,” which make you feel as if you’ve been sent on a cute first date in a house of mirrors. A little strange but somehow endearing. Steep stairs lead to an upstairs decorated much the same. Sitting down and taking a menu, Mom and I were not so sure what I had gotten us into.

The service was excellent: friendly, informative, attentive, quick. The menu was the perfect size: small but varied, manageable but with enough options. I chose the chicken dijon and branched out with the wine poached pear salad; Mom went with the Caesar salad and the salmon, probably a safer bet.

Neither of us were disappointed. In fact, we were far from. The salads garnered mixed reviews. Mom’s was a little average, nothing special for a Caesar salad. Mine, on the other hand, was amazing. I love savory and sweet, and the wine poached pear salad was the perfect mix of both. The pear was still warm, having been freshly poached, and it was set atop mixed greens, really fresh creamy goat cheese, pecans, and a ridiculously yummy cherry vinaigrette. The dressing wasn’t overdone, as is often the case, and the toppings didn’t overwhelm the greens. Yum.

The entrees proved impressive for both of us. The salmon was perfectly cooked and was topped with a dill sauce which was intense but not overwhelming. It was placed on a bed of orzo, cooked just al dente, and paired with sauteed Swiss chard, seasoned perfectly so it tasted more like a flavorful vegetable and not like something you’d accidentally drag out of the bottom of a lake with a fishing pole (how badly-cooked greens taste to me).

Mine was just as good. The chicken breast was pan-seared in a light, crispy, barely-there batter that wasn’t greasy or chicken-strip-esque. It was topped in a light dijon sauce that was slightly mustard and more honey, and set atop creamy, just-salted-enough mashed potatoes, more yummy Swiss chard as an accompaniment. Mine was a “small plate” and Mom’s a “large,” but both were reasonable portions, the kind that leave you feeling satisfied while saving room for dessert. These people get me.

Dijon Chicken

My Dijon Chicken with mashed potatoes and Swiss chard.

We were pretty sure the waiters and other diners were judging us, as we ate dinner in near silence. Our only words for twenty minutes were “yum” and “mmm.” Dessert was a continuation of our expansive vocabulary. We decided on the Gran Marnier creme brulee and the blackberry bread pudding. I personally preferred the creme brulee. The inside was perfectly set custard, with a strong vanilla flavor. The top was nice and caramelized, as one would expect from a creme brulee. My mouth was happy. Also, the amaretto cookies that came with the creme brulee were killer. Cookies with brulee…I have no idea why. Again, strange but endearing. And delicious.

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee with amaretto cookies

The blackberry bread pudding was a little less impressive, in my opinion. There were fresh blackberries and blackberry jam throughout, but I found it to be a little less sweet than what I would expect from a dessert. I also felt that the blackberry flavor wasn’t really as strong as I wanted. Nevertheless, still not too bad. Didn’t stop us from finishing both in about five minutes flat.

Blackberry bread pudding

Blackberry bread pudding

I wasn’t convinced when we entered the strange world of FridaySaturdaySunday, but I left a fan. If you’re looking for a casual  dinner or for something different, look no further than the eclectic gem of FridaySaturdaySunday. (PS – If you notice, we never actually ended up getting a steak! Just realized this now. Also, it says something that none of these photos were taken before I’d had at least a few bites…I just got too excited!)

Find the menu here:





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