Starting off Finals Right: Green Eggs Cafe

Today is the start of “reading days,” the period of time before finals. This is the time of year when students are known to actually live in the library on campus (yes, even sleep there!) and a sense of cabin fever starts to ensue, as we’re all ready to go home for summer, or maybe even just go somewhere else that’s not Penn.

My friends and I all figured we should probably get off campus one last time before the frenzy of work ensues, and so we headed into downtown to try Green Eggs Cafe.

Even having looked at the menu beforehand online, I was still completely lost as to what to have among the six or seven different kinds of French toast, the three or four different kinds of eggs benedict, and all of the other breakfast and lunch options.


I think I made the right choice. The Tiramisu French Toast was amazing. When people say “____ french toast,” you assume it might taste something like the original. This was literally a giant tiramisu. The toast had the texture of ladyfingers, and sandwiched between the slices was a sweet espresso mascarpone. It was topped with Chantilly cream and a nice mocha syrup.

When I see “themed” French toast, I usually have low expectations. The American tendency is to “improve” something by adding nothing but calories to it: chocolate syrup, peanut butter brittle pieces, chocolate-covered cherry-flavored gummy-worm pieces… the list goes on. Normally these kinds of French toasts sound good for like five minutes. Basically until I have about one bite. It’s too sweet and too much.

Green Eggs’ tiramisu French toast was the first French toast meal I’ve finished in a really long time. By finding ways to add to the “theme” that were more subtle (ie; mocha syrup), the result was something that wasn’t overwhelming or excessive and actually tasted like the item it was attempting to mimic. Yum.


Alex got Crème brûlée French toast. Also really good. It was less rich than the tiramisu French toast, but still impressive.


Kati sided for the tofu scramble and the quinoa porridge. Though I wasn’t brave enough to sample the tofu, both looked good, and her reviews were positive. The quinoa porridge, from personal experience, was delicious, and an unexpected but refreshing substitute for traditional oatmeal.

Overall, I was happy with our trip to Green Eggs. Well worth the taxi fare, and an excellent start to finals season. Happy studying.


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