Honest Tom’s Taco Shop: Forget about Chipotle


Today was one of the first real days of spring in Philadelphia, and you could feel it in the air. People were already lounging around on the grass around campus and playing frisbee in front of good old Benjamin Franklin. I deemed today a day of relaxing, and sought out some good food away from the usual of campus.

I decided to make the eight-block trek to a recommendation I’d gotten from a friend. And it was worth every block. Imagine if your favorite coffeeshop served burritos and tacos. That’s what Honest Tom’s Taco Shop feels like. The permanent establishment of a local food truck legend, Honest Tom’s serves simple, fresh Mexican fare. The menu is adorably simple: burritos and tacos. The food is made fresh in the small, open kitchen, and eaten bar-style or at a few small tables. All the sodas offered are served in glass bottles, as if the small taco joint wasn’t cute and original enough as is.


This fall was the first time I’d experienced Chipotle, and I have to say, I’m a fan of their huge burritos. Honest Tom’s, however, blew Chipotle out of the water. The meat was tender, the portions were big, and the guacamole and salsa were incredibly fresh. I’ve also heard people rave about the sweet potato burrito, a pretty original offering.

If you’re looking for something quick and different, and you don’t mind the walk, Honest Tom’s is worth the time. You’ll need the walk after finishing a ginormous Tom’s burrito. I know I did.


3 thoughts on “Honest Tom’s Taco Shop: Forget about Chipotle

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